Dubai ambulance service gets Corvette & GT-R as first-response machines

Dubai ambulance service gets Corvette & GT-R as first-response machines

Dubai’s police service is already famous all over the world for its fleet of supercars used to nab the notorious guys. This time it’s Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS) which is receiving all the attention. 

Dubai ambulance car

DCAS has partnered with Zulekha Hospital to work towards a campaign called “Save Hearts”, an initiative to educate people about being the first responders in emergencies and practise Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. For the cause, cars like Corvette and GT-R have been included in the fleet. It is said that since the cars lack in space, they’ll cover for the same in speed.

Corvette and GT-R front

Both the high-performance and high-speed cars have been labelled as the first-response machines. The aim of these vehicles is, obviously not to board the patients and take them to the hospital, but to reach critical ones quicker than a regular ambulance. It is believed that these cars will be four to eight minutes quicker in reaching the emergency spot than a traditional ambulance. 

Corvette side

If it’s about saving lives and providing necessary aid, maybe a single EMT to the person having a heart attack with resuscitation equipment by reaching a few minutes earlier than a traditional ambulance, then we think it’s totally worth it. Because there are times when a couple of minutes or probably seconds is what really matters.  

The emergency vehicles will be available at various selected sporting events and common tourist places. And no doubt they would create headlines wherever they go or are positioned just like the ultra-rare Dubai police’s fleet of supercars. 

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