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User Review

  • Lovely SUV!

    It was my first resolution in 2023 to buy a new car for my family. That is when I came to know about the highlights of the GMC Yukon which suited perfectly to my hunt for a family car. This is a beautiful full-size SUV that comes with a four-corner air ride adaptive suspension. Like it absorbs all the shocks

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    Zara Jan 24, 2023 for GMC Yukon Denali
  • Dream On the Four Wheels!

    Porsche 718 is a 2 Seater Coupe that is available in the UAE in a price range of AED 234,500 - 331,160. I don't think the makers are asking for more than the levetheeof creativity and innovation incorporated within the car. I mean what's missing in this? I want comfort, style, and safety. Nothing is missing in this magical mover.

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    Farhad Jan 24, 2023 for Porsche 718
  • Luxurious Piece Of Art!

    This has to be the most whimsical roadster that crossed my eyes this year. I bought the XJ for several reasons. It has the best infotainment systems amongst the rest in the market, and along with it comettopterials for interior design that further adds life to the mover. My husband is all appreciative of this car after he has taken

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    Adam Jan 24, 2023 for Jaguar XJ
  • Very Advanced Roadster!

    Do you know what exactly helps me to drive while saving some bucks through the entire driving time, it is the technology! The hybrid system of this car recovers energy produced when braking and stores it in a 48V battery. This in turn allows me to rice it further while saving on energy and fuel consumption and simultaneously reduces the

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    Morris Jan 24, 2023 for Volvo S60
  • Beautiful and Powerful!

    I recently bought this car here in Dubai. I mean how can something look so beautifully Crafted? It drives with the epitome of style and reflects the classy nature of this four-wheeler. I barely regret buying this car in any way. It has all the necessary elements I was looking for in my four-wheeler. The front fascia is highly advanced

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    Nadya Jan 24, 2023 for Acura NSX
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