Cross-border trip essentials to keep in mind

Cross-border trip essentials to keep in mind

Holidays are around the corner and so is the time to rejuvenate your inner being. With long UAE National Day holidays approaching, it is obvious that some of you would be planning to cross borders. 

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While some would be interested in visiting neighbouring destinations through the road route enjoying the scenic views, lush green mountains, and the overall journey, the others would be booking flights for the getaway. If you are someone from the former group taking the road route, here is a list of things you should consider to avoid complications during the trip.

Aside from the basics like changing the car's oil or brake pads, inspecting wipers and tyres, there is something you might be missing out on, it’s your car’s insurance, one of the most important things while travelling cross borders. 

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Here’s what you need to do before crossing borders.

  • Get Orange Card issued

Earlier an additional cover in your policy document was enough to let you pass across the border. A lot of people did actually spent extra to add that cover in their insurance policy for countries like Oman and the GCC. It is, however, not the case anymore. The UAE Insurance Authority issued a circular in 2011 wherein all the motor insurance companies were advised to extend this cover through an Orange Card only. 

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This was done to keep a check on the vehicles registered in the UAE crossing borders to Oman. Because Oman was not a member of the group of Arab countries signed under the 1975 Arab insurance Card Convention. 

The rule is being enforced in a more strict fashion these days and hence, it is advised to get your Orange Card issued from your motor insurance company prior to leaving to avoid last-minute hassles.

  • Get your car insured from only multinational companies

Although there are plenty of local motor insurance companies in the UAE, experts suggest that you should get your policy issued from only the multinational companies if you are planning to cross borders any time of the year. Not just these companies have a wider network, but also offer assistance aboard in case you are stuck with something. 

Don’t forget to save all the helpline numbers on your phone. Also, keep copies of all the necessary documents in your car’s glove box or in a safe place like a wallet or purse. It is better to have all the things covered at the time of car registration. 

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The business manager at Gargash Insurance, Fawaz Ebrahim said, “To get your vehicles insured locally, there are many reliable local companies that offer the same quality of cover as their multinational counterparts. Multinational companies have international toll-free numbers that are not affected by local public holidays. So even if you need help or advice including road-side assistance while in another country, these firms will be better placed than their local counterparts.”

  • Don’t opt for temporary insurance 

Temporary insurance is a trap. Do not consider it when planning to cross borders. Though you get an option of temporary insurance at the border itself, it is not at all worthy. It is a cheaper option for sure but only covers third party liability.

Your vehicle is not comprehensively insured with temporary insurance. Additionally, if any mishap occurs and you met with an accident, then you will be responsible and liable to cover all the damages of the occupants, the driver, and the vehicle. Not a good option, right?

Hence, it is recommended to get comprehensive motor insurance beforehand from only a multinational insurance company.

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