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Currently Mitsubishi is offering 9 new car models in the UAE. The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, Mitsubishi Montero Sport, Mitsubishi ASX are the most popular cars from Mitsubishi in their respective car segments.

Mitsubishi UAE has a line-up of 1 Hatchback (Mitsubishi Mirage), 1 Sedan (Mitsubishi Attrage), 4 SUV (Mitsubishi Montero Sport, Outlander PHEV, Xpander, Outlander), 2 Crossover (Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, ASX). Zigwheels provides you the Mitsubishi UAE price list for December 2023, along with downpayment, monthly installments, and loan simulations for the Abu Dhabi and nearby cities.

Mitsubishi UAE Line-up

Mitsubishi Hatchback Mitsubishi Mirage
Mitsubishi Sedan Mitsubishi Attrage
Mitsubishi SUV Mitsubishi Montero Sport, Outlander PHEV, Xpander, Outlander
Mitsubishi Crossover Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, ASX

Mitsubishi Dealers

There are 9 authorized Mitsubishi car dealers across 7 cities in the UAE.

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9 Mitsubishi UAE Cars Price & Offers

  • Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross
    Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Price coming soon VIEW DECEMBER OFFERS 3 Variants
  • Mitsubishi Montero Sport
    Mitsubishi Montero Sport Price coming soon VIEW DECEMBER OFFERS 3 Variants
  • Mitsubishi ASX
    Mitsubishi ASX Price coming soon VIEW DECEMBER OFFERS 5 Variants
  • Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
    Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Price coming soon VIEW DECEMBER OFFERS 2 Variants
  • Mitsubishi L200
    Mitsubishi L200 Price coming soon VIEW DECEMBER OFFERS 6 Variants
  • Mitsubishi Xpander
    Mitsubishi Xpander Price coming soon VIEW DECEMBER OFFERS 2 Variants
  • Mitsubishi Outlander
    Mitsubishi Outlander Price coming soon VIEW DECEMBER OFFERS 5 Variants
  • Mitsubishi Attrage
    Mitsubishi Attrage Price coming soon VIEW DECEMBER OFFERS 1 Variant
  • Mitsubishi Mirage
    Mitsubishi Mirage Price coming soon VIEW DECEMBER OFFERS 2 Variants
  • About Mitsubishi UAE

    Mitsubishi is a leading diversified Japanese conglomerate with a strong presence in the automobile sector. It doesn't have a very exhaustive portfolio and may not be present across all categories, but Mitsubishi certainly makes some of the sturdiest cars. In the crossover-SUV and midsized SUV segment Mitsubishi has the Montero Sport, Pajero and the Outlander. The premium hatchback segment has only the MIrage as a contender.

    Mitsubishi's UAE operations are handled by Al Habtoor Motor, a leading automobile distribution company. Established in 1983, the company has earned accolades for offering highly professional technical support and first-class customer service. Al Habtoor Motors offers the full range of Mitsubishi vehicles, including passenger cars, and all-wheel-drive pickup trucks and SUVS. The company was awarded the Mitsubishi Fuso Award for its outstanding efforts to maintain top market share over the last 10 years.

    Mitsubishi's product portfolio currently has nine cars for the UAE market. All Habtoor's Mitsubishi dealerships are located in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain, Fujairah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm al Quwain, and Riyadh. The Pajero is the most popular Mitsubishi vehicle in UAE. It has a starting price of AED 96,900. The most affordable car from the Minato-headquartered company is the Mitsubishi Mirage. It has a starting price of AED 36,900. The company sells one hatchback, two sedans, and six SUVs. The average starting price of a Mitsubishi car is AED 56,155.
    The most recent Mitsubishi car to be launched in the UAE is the 2022 Outlander. The seven-passenger, crossover-SUV has got a full design overhaul, with improved performance. Mitsubishi has added exhaustive safety features to the all-new Outlander, making it a very dependable car. Meanwhile, the five-passenger Mitsubishi ASX crossover-SUV was introduced for the 2023 model year. The car is rebadged version of the Duster.

    A range of pre-owned, quality-certified Mitsubishi cars are also available from Al-Habtoor. These cars go through a stringent quality check before they are listed for sales. The pre-owned Mitsubishi cars are a good option for those not wanting to spend on a factory-fresh vehicle.

    Mitsubishi plans to introduce a number of new cars and updated vehicles in the days ahead. The company wants to make its full portfolio electric by 2035. All upcoming cars will come with at least a mild-hybrid system if not fully electric. The company recently previewed the next-generation Triton in the form of the XRT concept car.

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  • Key Highlights of Mitsubishi UAE

    Popular Models Eclipse Cross, Montero Sport, Mitsubishi ASX, Outlander PHEV, Mitsubishi L200
    Expensive Model Mitsubishi ASX
    Body Type Hatchback, Sedan, SUV, Crossover
    Fuel Type Petrol, Diesel
    Dealerships 9
    Service Centers 11
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    • Mini sized practical crossover from Mitsubishi

      When I first had a glimpse of this car I felt this will surely offer a very zesty road manners. But I got a total wrong understanding. The extroverted styling will not give the correct idea about what the model is in reality. Underneath such an exterior you will discover a mundane interior on the contrary. This mini crossover will

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      Miksa Nov 24, 2023 for Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross
    • Exquisite choice when it comes to seven seater SUV models

      This is perhaps one of the most notable seven seater SUV that I might have come across that is consistently scoring high ranking as a top selling car. This tough and reliable car will surely satisfy you with both of it are on and off road driving expertise. The exterior of the model exudes a breathtaking feel due to the

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      Volodymyr Nov 24, 2023 for Mitsubishi Montero Sport
    • Mini version of Outlander with a phenomenal driving prowess

      The moment my attention was grabbed by this Mitsubishi model I felt there is a keen similarity with this with Outlander model. I would rather prefer to describe the model as a mini version of Outlander. When I did a closer introspection of the car I found numerous resemblances with it. Say its 4WD system, brakes, or suspension are pretty

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      Zahir Nov 24, 2023 for Mitsubishi ASX
    • Mitsubishi car that gets charged too quickly

      Finally I got a chance to check out the most revamped model of Mitsubishi outlander-phev. The car has numerous aspects to offer to its buyers. Say the space within is incredible. Especially I got highly charmed at the space that is being offered as its cargo area. The cabin within looks pretty handsome and posh. Moreover you will get pretty

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      Ikrimah Nov 24, 2023 for Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
    • Most sought after pickup truck from Mitsubishi

      If you ask me to name some of my favorite pickup trucks that are available in automobile market these days, I will inevitably take the name of Mitsubishi l200. Versatility is its core essence and the model has witnessed extensive revision over the years. The model has tough competition though as it has quite a few competent competitors in market.

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      Farhad Nov 24, 2023 for Mitsubishi L200
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  • Mitsubishi UAE Cars Price & Offers FAQs

    Is the Diesel model available in Mitsubishi Cars?

    Yes! Mitsubishi offers total of a 1 diesel models in the country. check complete mitsubishi diesel models now.

    What are the SUV cars offered by Mitsubishi?

    Mitsubishi offers 5 SUV models in the UAE namely: Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, Mitsubishi Xpander, Mitsubishi Outlander and Mitsubishi Pajero.

    How many Mitsubishi Dealers in UAE?

    There are 9 authorised Mitsubishi car dealers across 7 cities in the UAE.

    What Mitsubishi Cars are 7 seaters?

    Mitsubishi offers 4 7 seaters in UAE namely: Xpander, Outlander, Pajero and Montero Sport.

    Which is the newest Mitsubishi Car?

    The newest car offered from Mitsubishi in the UAE is the all new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 2023, Mitsubishi Mirage 2023, Mitsubishi ASX 2023 and Mitsubishi L200 2023.