Up to 99% discount on luxury car rentals in Dubai

Up to 99% discount on luxury car rentals in Dubai

Now you can rent a luxury car like Rolls Royce Ghost or a sports car like Ferrari 488 Spider at unbelievable prices, as low as AED 1 to a max of AED 30 for one day. All thanks to an online car rental website, Myride.ae, which is offering a whopping discount of 99 per cent on the rides from October 22, 2019. 

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Dubai has always been a destination for elite-class tourist visitors and with the weather cooling down in this part of the world, the tourist season is around the corner. The online car rental website is aiming to attract new customers by offering such hefty discounts. 

To rent luxury cars at such low prices, you need to register for their subscription plan on their website. The fee of this plan ranges from AED 200 to AED 500. While the offer is for a limited period, the earlier you subscribe, the better it would be for you to avail benefits. 

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Under this subscription, you’d be entitled to rent cars like Lamborghini Huracan, Rolls Royce Ghost and more at astonishing prices without any security deposit. You can rent the Huracan for a day at just AED 5, whereas for the Rolls Royce Wraith you need to pay AED 30 for one day. The Ferrari 488 Spider is available to rent at AED 10, the Rolls Royce Ghost at AED 2 and the Mercedes-Benz G63 at AED 1 for one day.

Currently, the Lamborghini Huracan is rented out at AED 2,900 for a day with a security deposit of AED 5,000 which is returned after 21 days. 

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The founder and CEO of Myride.ae, Mohammad Zahid said, “Dubai is a hotspot for niche elite visitors who love to come here for the sun and sand. With the weather cooling, we expect more visitors entering the UAE. And so this year we thought we would try and do something different. We have decided to offer our sports and luxury cars a discount of up to 99 percent.”

He mentioned that it is a win-win situation for all, while the subscription amount will take care of the cost of renting a vehicle, the discounted scheme is limited to one or two cars at a time.

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