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  • review based on 6 year usage

    I have been driving Dodge Charger for more than 6 years now and the performance and quality of this car is absolutely outstanding. My car has never broken down Alhamdulillah.

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    Musheer Ahmad May 30, 2023 for Dodge Charger
  • A true workhorse

    Being a conscientious vehicle shopper, I weigh the pros and cons before buying anything. I earlier had Toyota Hilux, but I traded it last summer as it started malfunctioning a lot. And then, my search for the ideal vehicle began. I test-drove many vehicles but finalized Isuzu D Max due to its exceptional build quality and rock-solid performance. Whether it's

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    Gregory May 29, 2023 for Isuzu D-Max
  • Powerful and responsive

    I purchased Cadillac XT6 eight months ago as my wife seemed to be fascinated with this model. I gifted this car to her on our marriage anniversary, and I have never seen my wife so happy in my life. The fit and finish of this car is exceptional. It looks awesome and rides well on the city roads. Its fuel

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    Punny May 29, 2023 for Cadillac XT6
  • Excels in comfort and design

    I gifted this car to my son-in-law on his birthday, and the smile on his face was really precious. He has been a fan of luxury sports cars since his childhood but hasn't owned even one over the years. He uses this car for his business meetings, weekend roundabouts, and formal dinner parties, and he has not encountered any problem

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    Omar May 29, 2023 for Porsche 718
  • A reliable car

    I purchased Dodge Neon a year ago. I use it daily to commute to, and from my office, and till now, it has been an incredible experience. I have got a few parts replaced here and there, but they were due to minor issues that I won't even like to talk about. This 5-seater sedan accommodates my entire family well.

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    Chakir May 29, 2023 for Dodge Neon
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