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Currently Maxus is offering 6 new car models in the UAE. The Maxus T60, Maxus V80, Maxus G10 are the most popular cars from Maxus in their respective car segments.

Maxus UAE has a line-up of 2 SUV (Maxus D90, D60), 1 Van (Maxus V80). Zigwheels provides you the Maxus UAE price list for May 2024, along with downpayment, monthly installments, and loan simulations for the Abu Dhabi and nearby cities.

Maxus UAE Line-up

Maxus SUV Maxus D90, D60
Maxus Van Maxus V80

Maxus Dealers

There are 4 authorized Maxus car dealers across 4 cities in the UAE.

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6 Maxus UAE Cars Price & Offers

  • Maxus T60
    Maxus T60 Price coming soon VIEW MAY OFFERS 4 Variants
  • Maxus V80
    Maxus V80 Price coming soon VIEW MAY OFFERS 10 Variants
  • Maxus G10
    Maxus G10 Price coming soon VIEW MAY OFFERS 8 Variants
  • Maxus D90
    Maxus D90 Price coming soon VIEW MAY OFFERS 4 Variants
  • Maxus G50
    Maxus G50 Price coming soon VIEW MAY OFFERS 3 Variants
  • Maxus D60
    Maxus D60 Price coming soon VIEW MAY OFFERS 3 Variants
  • Key Highlights of Maxus UAE

    Popular Models Maxus T60, Maxus V80, Maxus G10, Maxus D90, Maxus G50
    Expensive Model Maxus D60
    Body Type SUV, Van
    Fuel Type Petrol, Diesel
    Dealerships 4
    Service Centers 3
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    Nearest Maxus Dealers
  • Maxus User Reviews

    • Massive and powerful

      The Maxus T60 is a giant pickup and the main reason to buy it is the fact that the T60 gets that old-school double-cab pickup truck built with a massive size and muscular build. Thr aggressive stance along with its modern styling elements makes it an eye candy on the streets with a striking presence. And along with the massive

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      Matek Dec 01, 2023 for Maxus T60
    • Limited luggage space

      When embarking on a road trip with your family the Maxus V80, you should take into account the restricted luggage space. During a recent road trip, we struggled to accommodate all of our stuff since the seats were pushed so far back, leaving limited room for larger goods like our baby pram. Despite our best efforts to pack carefully, we

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      Nishad May 13, 2024 for Maxus V80
    • Affordable and economical

      I own the 9-seater variant of the Maxus G10 and the minivan has been a very comprehensive package at its price. I have been using the minivan for my office transportation needs primarily and it has been quite commendable in terms of performance and fuel efficiency. The minivan offers ample space inside so I can send some goods along with

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      Kyril Apr 23, 2024 for Maxus G10
    • Modern, capable and economical

      The Maxus D90 is an pretty good package for a 7-seater SUV. I have been driving it extensively over the past year and it is a complete and commendable package in all aspects. It offers great performance backed by its 2.0L engine which is also quite fuel-efficient. The car looks quite good with a modern and sophisticated styling and a

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      Matek Apr 23, 2024 for Maxus D90
    • Utilitarian design, comfortable seating arrangement

      I purchased the Maxus G50 to cater to the transportation needs of my family and I have never regretted it. Despite having a minivan-like look the G50 offers tons of convenience features perfect for outings with my family. Its utilitarian design and eye-catching make it stand out wherever it goes. The LED daytime running lights and prominent grille enhance its

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      Jawad May 13, 2024 for Maxus G50
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  • Maxus UAE Cars Price & Offers FAQs

    Is the Diesel model available in Maxus Cars?

    Yes! Maxus offers total of a 2 diesel models in the country. check complete maxus diesel models now.

    What are the SUV cars offered by Maxus?

    Maxus offers 2 SUV models in the UAE namely: Maxus D90 and Maxus D60.

    How many Maxus Dealers in UAE?

    There are 4 authorised Maxus car dealers across 4 cities in the UAE.

    What Maxus Cars are 7 seaters?

    Maxus offers 3 7 seaters in UAE namely: G10, D90 and D60.