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Check out the 2023 Changan price list in the UAE. As of 20 September 2023, Changan car prices start at AED 75,000 for the most inexpensive model CS35 Plus and goes up to AED 180,000 for the most expensive car model Changan UNI-K. Currently Changan is offering 8 new car models in the UAE. The Changan UNI-T, Changan Eado Plus, Changan UNI-K are the most popular cars from Changan in their respective car segments.

Changan UAE has a line-up of 2 Sedan (Changan Eado Plus, UNI-V), 6 SUV (Changan UNI-T, UNI-K, CS85, CS75 Plus, CS95, CS35 Plus). Zigwheels provides you the Changan UAE price list for September 2023, along with downpayment, monthly installments, and loan simulations for the Abu Dhabi and nearby cities.

Changan Cars Price List

Changan Models Price List
Changan UNI-T AED 130,000 - 150,000
Changan Eado Plus AED 80,000
Changan UNI-K AED 180,000
Changan CS85 AED 141,750
Changan CS75 Plus AED 131,250
Changan CS95 AED 89,500 - 130,000
Changan CS35 Plus AED 75,000
Changan UNI-V AED 130,000

Changan UAE Line-up

Changan Sedan Changan Eado Plus, UNI-V
Changan SUV Changan UNI-T, UNI-K, CS85, CS75 Plus, CS95, CS35 Plus

Changan Dealers

There are 6 authorized Changan car dealers across 3 cities in the UAE.

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8 Changan UAE Cars Price & Offers

  • Changan UNI-T
    Changan UNI-T
    AED 130,000 - 150,000 OTR Price Abu Dhabi
  • Changan Eado Plus
    Changan Eado Plus
    AED 80,000 OTR Price Abu Dhabi
    Eado Plus Price VIEW SEPTEMBER OFFERS 1 Variant
  • Changan UNI-K
    Changan UNI-K
    AED 180,000 OTR Price Abu Dhabi
  • Changan CS85
    Changan CS85
    AED 141,750 OTR Price Abu Dhabi
    Changan CS85 Price VIEW SEPTEMBER OFFERS 1 Variant
  • Changan CS75 Plus
    Changan CS75 Plus
    AED 131,250 OTR Price Abu Dhabi
    CS75 Plus Price VIEW SEPTEMBER OFFERS 1 Variant
  • Changan CS95
    Changan CS95
    AED 89,500 - 130,000 OTR Price Abu Dhabi
    Changan CS95 Price VIEW SEPTEMBER OFFERS 2 Variants
  • Changan CS35 Plus
    Changan CS35 Plus
    AED 75,000 OTR Price Abu Dhabi
    CS35 Plus Price VIEW SEPTEMBER OFFERS 1 Variant
  • Changan UNI-V
    Changan UNI-V
    AED 130,000 OTR Price Abu Dhabi
  • Key Highlights of Changan UAE

    Popular Models UNI-T, Eado Plus, UNI-K, Changan CS85, CS75 Plus
    Expensive Model UNI-K
    Affordable Model CS35 Plus
    Body Type Sedan, SUV
    Fuel Type Petrol
    Dealerships 6
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    Nearest Changan Dealers
  • Changan User Reviews

    • A Stylish and Affordable Crossover SUV

      The Changan Uni-T is an impressive compact SUV. From the moment I stepped inside, I was impressed by its sleek and modern design. The cabin is spacious and comfortable, with high-quality materials used throughout. On the road, the Uni-T is a joy to drive. It is easy to handle and has smooth and responsive steering. The engine provides plenty of

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      Kashif Mar 20, 2023 for Changan UNI-T
    • Confident and refined option at this price

      If you have always been apprehensive about buying Chinese cars, you must try out the Changan Eado Plus. This compact yet aggressive family sedan will blow you away with its amazing features. It has intelligent driving assistance features to take your driving experience to the next level. It is equipped with GDI engine technology that facilitates economical fuel consumption. Its

      Read More
      Muadh Jul 10, 2023 for Changan Eado Plus
    • One of the best-looking SUVs

      When I saw Changan Uni-K for the first time, I was swept away by its stylish design. This stylish swoopy SUV has a four-cylinder gasoline engine and is mated with an 8-speed automatic transmission. It drives well on all kinds of terrains. The high-performance tires and advanced suspension system makes cornering a thrill. It also comes with tons of safety

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      Boody May 04, 2023 for Changan UNI-K
    • Well-built one and spacious option

      I have driven many Chinese cars like the GAC and Haval, but the Changan CS85 is completely different from all of them. It breaks my notion that Chinese cars are flimsy and not built well. It not only stuns me with its looks but also impresses me with its performance. The Adaptive Cruise Control system works well and shows the

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      Faizan Jul 10, 2023 for Changan CS85
    • Fabulous Car

      One of the best cars in the market which can compete with the luxury is filled with a lot of safety features Ie. IACC, early collision warning nice interior, sporty looks..etc

      Read More
      Rps Jun 12, 2023 for Changan CS75 Plus
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  • Changan UAE Cars Price & Offers FAQs

    What is the Price list of Changan cars in UAE?

    Changan cars in UAE comes with price list of AED 75,000 to AED 180,000 .

    What are the SUV cars offered by Changan?

    Changan offers 6 SUV models in the UAE namely: Changan UNI-T, Changan UNI-K, Changan CS85 and Changan CS75 Plus.

    How many Changan Dealers in UAE?

    There are 6 authorised Changan car dealers across 3 cities in the UAE.

    What Changan Cars are 7 seaters?

    Changan offers 1 7 seaters in UAE namely: CS95.

    Which is the newest Changan Car?

    The newest car offered from Changan in the UAE is the all new Changan UNI-T 2023, Changan UNI-K 2023, Changan UNI-V 2023 and Changan CS95 2023.