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Check out the 2023 Jaguar price list in the UAE. As of 9 December 2023, Jaguar car prices start at AED 174,500 for the most inexpensive model E-Pace and goes up to AED 617,900 for the most expensive car model Jaguar F-Type. Currently Jaguar is offering 7 new car models in the UAE. The Jaguar F-Type, Jaguar XF, Jaguar F-Pace are the most popular cars from Jaguar in their respective car segments.

Jaguar UAE has a line-up of 3 Sedan (Jaguar XF, XJ, XE), 2 SUV (Jaguar F-Pace, I-Pace), 1 Convertible (Jaguar F-Type), 1 Coupe (Jaguar F-Type), 1 Crossover (Jaguar E-Pace). Zigwheels provides you the Jaguar UAE price list for December 2023, along with downpayment, monthly installments, and loan simulations for the Abu Dhabi and nearby cities.

Jaguar Cars Price List

Jaguar Models Price List
Jaguar F-Type AED 530,400 - 617,900
Jaguar F-Pace AED 256,620 - 317,100
Jaguar XJ AED 316,400 - 512,300
Jaguar E-Pace AED 174,500 - 197,600
Jaguar I-Pace AED 368,550 - 446,355

Jaguar UAE Line-up

Jaguar Sedan Jaguar XF, XJ, XE
Jaguar SUV Jaguar F-Pace, I-Pace
Jaguar Convertible Jaguar F-Type
Jaguar Coupe Jaguar F-Type
Jaguar Crossover Jaguar E-Pace

Jaguar Dealers

There are 9 authorized Jaguar car dealers across 6 cities in the UAE.

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7 Jaguar UAE Cars Price & Offers

  • Jaguar F-Type
    Jaguar F-Type
    AED 530,400 - 617,900 OTR Price Abu Dhabi
    F-Type Price VIEW DECEMBER OFFERS 28 Variants
  • Jaguar XF
    Jaguar XF Price coming soon VIEW DECEMBER OFFERS 5 Variants
  • Jaguar F-Pace
    Jaguar F-Pace
    AED 256,620 - 317,100 OTR Price Abu Dhabi
    F-Pace Price VIEW DECEMBER OFFERS 4 Variants
  • Jaguar XJ
    Jaguar XJ
    AED 316,400 - 512,300 OTR Price Abu Dhabi
    Jaguar XJ Price VIEW DECEMBER OFFERS 11 Variants
  • Jaguar XE
    Jaguar XE Price coming soon VIEW DECEMBER OFFERS 6 Variants
  • Jaguar E-Pace
    Jaguar E-Pace
    AED 174,500 - 197,600 OTR Price Abu Dhabi
    E-Pace Price VIEW DECEMBER OFFERS 4 Variants
  • Jaguar I-Pace
    Jaguar I-Pace
    AED 368,550 - 446,355 OTR Price Abu Dhabi
    I-Pace Price VIEW DECEMBER OFFERS 4 Variants
  • Key Highlights of Jaguar UAE

    Popular Models F-Type, Jaguar XF, F-Pace, Jaguar XJ, Jaguar XE
    Expensive Model F-Type
    Affordable Model E-Pace
    Body Type Sedan, SUV, Convertible, Coupe, Crossover
    Fuel Type Petrol, Electric
    Dealerships 9
    Service Centers 7
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  • Nearest Jaguar Dealers

      Al Khalidya, Abu Dhabi, 35660
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      Mussaffah Sanaiya Industrial Area, Sector-M15, Plot No.42, Street 11, Abu Dhabi, 35660
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    Nearest Jaguar Dealers
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    • Powerful engine, advanced technology

      The Jaguar F-Type is a ravishing car, all thanks to its beautiful curves, lines, and bulges accentuating the sheer sportiness and athleticism of this model. From its thrilling performance to aggressive aesthetics, the F-Type exudes a pure sports car's essence. The cabin features a driver-focused cockpit, enhancing your driving experience. This uncompromising 2-seater offers the perfect combination of performance and

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      Michael Nov 01, 2023 for Jaguar F-Type
    • Appealing design, unsatisfying handling

      Jaguar XF looks very eye-catching at first glance, all thanks to its appealing visual design that makes it stand out in the luxury sedan segment. Its luxury status is further elevated by its comfortable ride. It can be a good choice for those who prefer a refined and smooth driving experience. But there are also a few areas where it

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      Boody Oct 10, 2023 for Jaguar XF
    • Sporty driving dynamics, muscular exterior

      I'm in my sixties and seek comfort and easy driveability in my cars. After driving the Jaguar F-PACE for around four months, I'm in love with its handsome exterior styling and engaging driving personality. It's versatile enough for road trips, daily errands, and many other day-to-day tasks, making it the perfect addition to my lifestyle. The precise steering enhances my

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      Nishad Nov 01, 2023 for Jaguar F-Pace
    • A classy tourer

      If you want a classy tourer that is different from the other options available in the market, Jaguar XJ can be your go-to choice. It is perfect for long-distance tours and brings a broad smile to my face whenever I get inside the car. It is incredibly smooth and quick and handles like a much smaller sports car. It also

      Read More
      Dymek May 29, 2023 for Jaguar XJ
    • Attractive and exciting

      After spending some time with the Jaguar XE in UAE, I'm left with a mix of admiration and I am partly spellbound. The exterior design is undeniably captivating, showcasing Jaguar's signature sleekness and elegance. The driving experience matches the aesthetics, with dynamic handling and a range of potent engine options that provide exhilarating performance. Inside, the XE exudes a refined

      Read More
      Ramoos Aug 23, 2023 for Jaguar XE
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  • Jaguar UAE Cars Price & Offers FAQs

    What is the Price list of Jaguar cars in UAE?

    Jaguar cars in UAE comes with price list of AED 161,700 to AED 617,900 .

    What are the SUV cars offered by Jaguar?

    Jaguar offers 1 SUV models in the UAE namely: Jaguar I-Pace.

    How many Jaguar Dealers in UAE?

    There are 9 authorised Jaguar car dealers across 6 cities in the UAE.