Rolls-Royce is working double time to fulfil Cullinan orders

Rolls-Royce is working double time to fulfil Cullinan orders

ABU DHABI: SUVs are all the rage in today’s world, and customers just can’t seem to get enough of them. They are available in all sizes and price segments. Sometimes the demand becomes so high that the manufacturer is just not able to keep pace. The luxury car maker Rolls-Royce has fallen into this bracket.

Cullinan SUV front

Rolls-Royce launched the Cullinan SUV over four years ago, and its demand is so high that the company is now facing production crises. There is one production plant for the Cullinan in Goodwood England. Buyers in the luxury segment usually do not like to wait, and this could cause problems for the company. With orders being backed up until July, Rolls-Royce has hired an additional 200 employees to meet the demand. This brings 2,000 employees in total at the production site.

Cullinan SUV rear

Introducing the Cullinan was a great move by Rolls-Royce. It has brought new customers to the brand who would have otherwise not considered them. About half of all Cullinan owners are new to the brand, and the other half wanted to quench their thirst for an SUV. The number of young, as well as female buyers, is also on the rise.
All this demand seems to have a trickledown effect. Dealers are investing in renovations and upgrading their facilities, keeping Rolls-Royce up to times. Even though there is a new Phantom available, it is the Cullinan that everyone wants a piece of.

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