Know the BMW i8 in seven shots

  • Apr 23, 2018

The BMW i8 is a high-end plug-in hybrid sports car that is packed with luxury and offers excellent performance figures. It goes without saying, that it features some of best safety features known to the car buyers. With all the basics in mind, here are ten facts about the BMW green machine we are sure you haven’t heard till date.

Buckle-up your seatbelts, because this ride is filled with twist and turns! Let’s get started

1.Smartphone window

BMW i8 rear

BMW has employed regular glass in i8s window and windscreen. However, it’s the rear window where BMW has used the smartphone tech. The same chemically treated glass that’s fitted on your mobile is used here as well. It’s definitely stronger than the ordinary and is, therefore, thinner from the glass used by other car makers. The usage leads to weight reduction and provides better soundproofing for cars with rear mounted engines.

2. Screw LED, its laser

BMW i8 headlights

It’s time to move ahead in time, and BMW seems to understand the phenomenon pretty well. Though, as a standard option, BMW offers nifty LEDs but is its add-on kit are present the laser-powered headlights. According to the company, these advance headlights emit thousand times brighter light than the LED version, while using half as much as power (reducing battery consumption).

3. Green but power paced

BMW i8 side profile

No doubt that the i8 is a green, eco-friendly car, but when it comes to performance and power it’s even better than the Land Rover! The car runs on all four wheels and uses the 1.5-litre turbo mill and 6-speed automatic transmission to move the rear axle. For the front wheels, it has a 133 PS and 250 Nm electric motor.

4. It doesn’t shy away from the weighing scale

BMW i8 rear

What is the last thing you’ll want from a sports car? Bulkiness. Well, electric and hybrid vehicles are heavy due to the extra motor and battery weight. However, that’s not the case with the BMW i8. The German automaker has taken great care of the heaviness factor and kept the i8s weight to a bare minimum 1,490 kgs. That’s lighter than most of the sport’s cars and even a few conventional vehicles. For example, the Ferrari 458 Italia and Aston Martin V12 Vantage display a kerb weight of 1,485 kg and 1,680 kg respectively.

5. It’s fast

BMW i8 rear

In totality, the BMW i8 engine and motor produces a sizable power of 367 PS and torque of 570 Nm. Compared to the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, the BMW hybrid generates less power but excels on the torque front. It can touch the 100 kmph mark 0.3 seconds faster than the V12 Vantage. It delivers a respectable top speed of 257 kmph.

6. Bicycle wheels

BMW i8 wheels

Not available as a standard option, in the i8 add-on kit is present another gem. This time around it’s the carbon wheels used in the high-end bicycles. These wheels save 3kg each over the standard alloy wheels. So, if you want to extend your drive range or get more power, you can do so by choosing the carbon wheels.

6. It’ll call an ambulance and can even pay for electricity

BMW i8 front

The i8 includes tech features that’ll surely blow your mind away. Apart from the known and heard - automatic rain sensing wipers, all around camera, and pedestrian recognition with auto barking system. The i8 will work when it's involved in a crash, and it'll call the emergency service for assistance. Also, with its ChangeNow card, you don’t need hard cash to pay for electricity.

Amazing, isn’t it.


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