Nissan Altima: Yay or Nay?

  • Jun 26, 2018

A Japanese offering that is often seen on the streets of the UAE is the Nissan Altima. The car received two facelifts for the 2016 model. The Altima bears a top speed of 220 kmph and reaches 0 to 100 in just 8 seconds, this car is a worthy contender to the Honda Accord. The Altima features a powerful Nissan engine which gives the car an aggressive feel on the road and yet is a safe car. The car maintains all the core features of Nissan and comes with upgraded technology front. This sedan is good at making a style statement with its gorgeous exterior and comfortable interior, it’s a win-win. The Altima majorly got technology updates in 2018, autonomous braking and front collision detection are now standard for all models.Nissan Altima Front

Reasons to buy the Nissan Altima


The car holds up under almost any conventional road condition, it feels very steady and seems as if is glued to the roads. Its confident acceleration takes 8 seconds to break the 100 kmph mark, which makes it far better than other cars of the segment.

Comfortable seats

The front seats of the car feature cloth lining and can be adjusted for hip placement. The seats are as comfortable as they are useful. The rear seats are designed for both children and adults, unlike other mid-size cars.

Fine-tuned handling

The Altima is designed to give the feel of a sports car, its precise control makes lane changing very easy. The handling of the car is designed to give you control over short as well as long curves.

Nissan Altima Interior

Enough legroom for rear seats

Cars of this segment do not offer good space for passengers sitting on the rear seats but the new sleek 2018 Nissan Altima has enough room for you stretch legs. If three passengers are sitting on the rear seat, a little space issue might arise but squeeze a little and you are ready to go.

Large trunk space

The base model of this car offers around 14 cubic feet of trunk space, which is large enough for a sedan. The Altima is a low and long car which makes fitting extended cargo a lot easier. The car also offers an option to drop the rear seat and create even more boot space!

Flawless exterior

Altima is very much noticeable on the roads and so are all other Nissan cars. Your eyes can easily glide over its curves which extend from the headlight to the back of the car. It is perfectly designed taking care of both aerodynamics as well as looks.

Nissan Altima Dashboard

Comfortable interior

The interior of this car is designed the way it should be, not less not more. Every compartment has been strategically placed and serves a purpose, no extra space is used or wasted. The controls on the dashboard react to even to the slightest touch and the door handles are positioned perfectly

Better visibility

Unlike other cars of this range, the Altima has thin columns which reduce the blind spots to a bare minimum. Nissan also offers blind-spot cameras as an upgraded option

Reasons why not to buy the Nissan Altima

A large amount of plastic is used

If you have an eye for detailing, chances are that the plastic inside will bothersome. Even though the interior is uniform and spacious, the plastic does create some squeaky noises

Less handling during low speeds

It takes far more effort to handle the car at really slow speed or when in the middle of the parking

Nissan Altima Rear


Average suspension

The car can easily go over small bumps and you will not notice. However, a moderately sized bump will be noticed by all the passengers in the car.

The 2018 Nissan Altima has entered a very competitive market, with its rivals being Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Kia Optima, and Chevrolet Malibu. If you want to own a sports car but with classy sedan like looks than Nissan Altima should be your choice. It is solid yet sporty and looks great.

Nissan Altima Videos

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