Top 3 USPs of Toyota Fortuner

Top 3 USPs of Toyota Fortuner

There are many Toyota SUVs to choose from in UAE. The Fortuner lies somewhere in the middle of this range. Starting from AED 114900, it comes at a comfortable price point for many residents. Small wonder then that it is ubiquitous on the roads here. However, the UAE SUV scene is not exactly lacking in choice. So, why do so many people gravitate towards the Fortuner? Here are three unique points that may be the reason behind its massive numbers.

1) Off-road capability with urban practicality

Toyota Fortuner

The SUV carries the tagline of style plays rough. The style continues to be a subjective opinion. Especially as a large SUV, there is only so much that the Fortuner can achieve. Despite its more recent restyling exercise. We will say that it looks different from other SUVs on the road. As for roughness, we are very much convinced. The Toyota builds and improves upon its off-road pedigree. It shares its body on frame construction and 4 wheel drive system with the very capable and bulletproof Toyota Hilux. It is durable and capable enough to be taken dune bashing. At the same time, it is also more suited to urban duties. The chassis is more rigid and the suspension is more pliant for city driving. There is also a rear stabilizer to control the wobble that is characteristic of tall SUVs. Even the ground clearance is a bit lower for easier entry.   

2) Value for money

Toyota Fortuner Front

While the underpinnings are based on a utility vehicle, the interior is anything but utilitarian. It might even remind you of the Camry. The materials might seem a little hard and plastic but that is par for the price. The interior though is thoughtfully executed and full of features across all variants. Except for the base model which should be avoided for its engine, the other variants are very well equipped. Some standard features include 4.2-inch color infotainment display, automatic AC and keyless entry on two out of three variants. 6 speaker stereo, steering wheel controls and audio with Bluetooth, aux, and USB are present across all variants. Best of all, the safety features are distributed evenly across all variants. ABS, EBD, rear parking sensors, stability control, child restraints, tire pressure monitoring and a full set of airbags are standard across all variants. The differentiating factors in the higher variants are the rearview camera and the rear differential lock.     

3) Just the right size

Fortuner Cabin

The Fortuner is meant for the family. It can easily seat 5 in comfort. Headroom is massive and knee room is decent. However, the last row is only really meant for children. Cargo space is equally huge with 200-litre with all seats up, 716-litre with the third row folded and 1080-litre with the second row folded too. The only niggle comes from the truck like construction of the SUV. This means that the third row seats do not fold into the floor but up against the windows. However, it manages to be this huge without really being too huge. It is perfectly at home in the city as it is off the road. The driving position offers a great, largely unobstructed view. Although the addition of a blind spot alert or a rear cross traffic alert would have been welcome. Still, it is no more difficult to drive around town than a large sedan and should pose no problems.

For the city dwelling family man, the Fortuner makes a whole lot of sense. Combining the DNA from the best that Toyota has to offer, it truly made the Fortuner the best choice for affordable family motoring.    

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