Nissan Z: A sports car for the modern age

Nissan Z: A sports car for the modern age

The all-new 2023 Nissan Z is a testament to Nissan's unwavering commitment to delivering an approachable sports car tailored for the modern age. Priced at AED 205,000 and onwards, this iconic model carries a rich 50-plus-year heritage, drawing inspiration from its predecessors while embracing contemporary design and technology. Available in two variants in the UAE, the Manual RWD Coupe and the Auto RWD Coupe, the Z caters to driving enthusiasts seeking a perfect blend of power and style.


  • How much does the Nissan Z cost?

    The Nissan Z is available in two variants in the UAE - Manual RWD Coupe and the Auto RWD Coupe, both priced at AED 205,000.
  • What makes the Nissan Z a sports car for the modern age?

    The Nissan Z features an iconic design legacy, a technologically advanced interior, dynamic performance, and advanced safety systems that make it a sports car for the modern age.
  • Nissan Z
    In a market saturated with choices, the Z distinguishes itself with a design that pays homage to its heritage, featuring iconic details like the distinctive headlights inspired by the original 240Z and a roofline reminiscent of the first-generation Z. It comes with a technologically advanced interior. Nissan's decision to equip the Z with a 3.0-litre V6 twin-turbocharged engine also positions it as a dynamic performer on the UAE roads. 

    In the ever-evolving landscape of sports cars in the UAE market, the 2023 Nissan Z is a worthy contender that transcends time and tradition. Let us take a look at the reasons that make it an amazing sports car for modern UAE car buyers. 

    Nissan Z

    Dynamic performance

    At the core of the 2023 Nissan Z beats a heart of engineering brilliance—the 3.0-litre V6 twin-turbocharged engine. This powerhouse is not just an assembly of parts; it's a symphony of power and precision, delivering an exhilarating 298 kW of power and 475 Nm of torque. The aluminium alloy block and heads ensure a lightweight structure, while the water-cooled intercooler masterfully keeps temperatures in check. 

    What sets the Z apart is the introduction of a mechanical limited-slip differential, a feature that significantly contributes to distributing power to the wheel with the best grip. Combined with the groundbreaking launch control—a first for the Z series—it eliminates wheel spin and hop, maintaining consistent acceleration. The result is not just a drive; it's a performance, a dynamic experience that blends power, control, and a touch of the extraordinary.

    Performance-enhancing transmission options

    Whether opting for the 6-speed manual transmission with SynchroRev Control for the purists or the 9-speed automatic transmission with GT-R-inspired paddle shifters for a quick, responsive drive, the Z caters to diverse driving preferences. The manual transmission even introduces an advanced launch assist control system, ensuring smooth acceleration from a standstill position, a feature exclusive to rear-wheel-drive Nissan vehicles.

    Nissan Z

    Iconic design legacy

    In the visual realm, the 2023 Z is a manifestation of Nissan's commitment to honouring its iconic design legacy. The exterior design is a harmonious blend of heritage and contemporary aesthetics. The LED headlights, meticulously sculpted to echo the iconic round headlights of the original 240Z, add a touch of nostalgia while embracing modernity. The rear taillights, inspired by the Z32 300ZX, are a testament to Nissan's ability to infuse modern technology with timeless design. 

    Nissan Z

    As your eyes trace the roofline, a silver accent pays homage to the Katana—a Japanese Samurai Sword, celebrating the Z's Japanese roots. These design elements aren't just stylistic choices; they are a narrative, a story told through every curve and contour of the Z's exterior, making it an art form on wheels.

    Seamless technology integration

    In the cabin, the Z seamlessly blends vintage Z touches with cutting-edge technology. The 12.3-inch digital dashboard, customizable to display vital information, ensures the driver stays informed at a glance. The centre stack, inspired by previous generations, features three analogue pod gauges, an 8.0-inch touchscreen audio display, and climate control switches, creating an ergonomic and driver-centric environment.

    Nissan Z

    Driver-centric interior

    Designed for a symbiotic connection between driver and machine, the Z's interior incorporates GT-R know-how to enhance both the hold and fit of the seats. The use of suede on the seatback reduces lateral shake during aggressive cornering, ensuring a comfortable yet exhilarating driving experience. With a deep-dish steering wheel, custom-engineered shift levers, and a range of convenience features, the Z's interior caters to the discerning driver.

    Advanced safety features

    The inclusion of Nissan Intelligent Mobility ensures that the new Z is not just a car; it's a guardian on the road. The Intelligent Emergency Braking system acts as a vigilant partner, ready to intervene in case of potential collisions. Paired with Pedestrian Detection, it adds an extra layer of safety for both occupants and pedestrians. 

    Nissan Z

    The Intelligent Lane Departure Warning system keeps the driver on course, providing timely alerts if unintentional lane drifting occurs. Cruise confidently with the Intelligent Cruise Control that adapts to the flow of traffic, maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle ahead. 

    The Forward Collision Warning and Blind Spot Warning systems are like watchful sentinels, adding an extra pair of eyes to potential hazards. Completing the safety ensemble is the Intelligent Rear Cross Traffic Alert, ensuring a safe reverse by detecting approaching vehicles from either side. In a world where safety is paramount, the 2023 Nissan Z not only meets but exceeds expectations, offering peace of mind with every exhilarating drive.


    In the UAE, the 2023 Nissan Z invites enthusiasts to redefine their driving experience and embrace the thrill of the modern sports car era with a sporty and advanced package coming at a reasonable price point.

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