Nissan Patrol, Patrol Nismo, or Patrol Safari - Know the best pick for you!

Nissan Patrol, Patrol Nismo, or Patrol Safari - Know the best pick for you!

Nissan Patrol is a name synonymous with power, strength, versatility, and luxury.  Adventure lovers all around the UAE love this Nissan car because of its indifferent attitude to deliver the best ride, be it on the city road, desert trail, or a safari affair. This bulky yet stylish vehicle has a lot to offer, both to the driver and co-passenger and has been in service since the mid-nineties.

But under the said Patrol badge are available three SUVs often confusing the buyers which one to pick, as all the three share more or less the similar looks. However, it’s only after a close analysis of specs that a buyer will be able to go for the suitable Patrol model. Here, we’ll be comparing the three Patrol’s on the basis of power, exterior, cabin features, capacity, safety, and price.

To start with, there are three Patrol models we’ll be weighing between -
First is the standard Patrol, followed by the red (aggression) infused Patrol Nismo, and the last topping the toughness game is the Patrol Safari.


Nissan Patrol is offered in two powertrain options - a 4.0-litre V6 producing 275 hp of power and 394 Nm of torque. It is accompanied by a more prominent 5.5-litre V8 mill churning 400 hp and 560 Nm of power and torque respectively. Nissan Patrol Nismo, on the other hand, is the race-inspired version of Patrol and delivers higher power, i.e. 428 hp and improved torque with the same 5.5-litre V8 mill seen in standard Patrol. Nissan Patrol Safari gets its power via 4.8-litre 6-cyl in-line DOHC engine churning a maximum power of 280 hp along with peak torque of 451 Nm.

Thus, making the standard Nissan Patrol Nismo the most powerful beast amongst three.


Patrol Exterior Comparison

Amongst the three, there’s no confusion that Nissan Patrol Nismo is the stylish one with its red striping body kit that includes attractive red highlights all over the car’s front, side, and rear fascia. It’s body kit also consists of a 'Nismo Only' 22-inch RAY forged-alloy wheels. Nismo replicates Patrol on the dimension front, stretching 5,080 mm length-wise, 1,940 mm width-wise and reaching 1,855 high.
It’s the more traditional and boxy appearing Patrol Safari that overcast the above two on the dimension front, it measurements page reads 5,165(L) X 1,995(W) X 3,078(H) mm. Also included in Nissan Patrol exterior kit are high-tech daytime running lights, LED headlights, rear LED combination lamp, 20-inch aluminum alloy wheels and chrome air intake.


Nissan Patrol Cabin

All the three Nissan Patrol feature a plush interiors making the ride filled with comfort and luxury. To be specific, you’ll find soft leather-covered seats with power and memory function, 8-inch IT-GEN5 System with multi-gesture function, and intuitive HMI navigation system. Co-passengers can keep themselves entertained thanks to the multi-screen rear entertainment unit with 8-inch QHD monitors. Also included in the package is 13-speaker BOSE 2-channel Premium Sound System that includes AM/FM, single in-dash CD/DVD player, and two subwoofers. The Nismo model offers all the features mentioned above but is accompanied by a NISMO exclusive, sporty premium interior design.

Unlike the two, Patrol Safari offers old-world charm with leather and black wood interior finish. Though not as high-tech as its sibling, it offers all that’s necessary for a comfortable and entertaining ride. A navigation system, Bluetooth, USB, CD, AUX, FM/AM, steering switch, and automatic climate control house its cabin.


Nissan Patrol Seating Capacity

Loading capacity forms an essential part of an SUV, as the vehicle is built to cover long and tough distances together. Both Nissan Patrol and Patrol Nismo share the same sitting configuration of eight people along with a towing capacity of 2000 kg.
However, Nissan Patrol Safari cuts the third row by one, thus reducing the seating capacity to 7 persons. Though the company does not specify the towing capacity, we believe it to remain same or a few kg bigger thanks to its higher dimension spec.


Nissan Patrol Price Difference

After reviewing a car’s performance, features, and the technology it envelopes, it all comes down to the price tag. Amongst the three, Nissan Patrol Nismo tags the highest starting price of AED 388,500, followed by Patrol at AED 194,250. Patrol Safari is the affordable Nissan amongst the three with the starting price of AED 150,675.


It’s quite simple to choose a car, given that you are clear as to what you want. Amongst the Patrol, if you are looking for power it's the Safari that’ll quench your speed demand. On the other hand, Patrol is an appropriate combination of power, style, and safety. But, if it's the style uniqueness and drivetrain advancement that you crave (and don’t mind paying a few extra bucks) then its the Nismo model for sure.

Nissan Patrol vs Nissan Patrol Safari Comparison

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