Hyundai Tucson - Features that make it a premium crossover

Hyundai Tucson - Features that make it a premium crossover

The Middle East car market is filled up to the brim with a wide range of vehicles. There is one or the other car available for each and everyone. While there is no scarcity of premium cars (obviously, it’s the UAE after all), even the more affordable packages are easily available. Hyundai has a strong presence in the regional market. Its latest product lineup includes sedans, hatchbacks, vans, compact SUVs, and SUVs. The Hyundai Tucson is in its third generation of existence and is in heavy demand. We mention some of the top features that make it a premium crossover.

1- Bold exterior design and styling

Hyundai Tucson Front

Ever since Hyundai started developing cars based on its new Fluidic Design language, we’ve seen major improvements in not only the looks but functionality as well. The latest Hyundai Tucson carries forward the Fluidic Design (Fluidic Sculpture 2.0) beautifully. This design is more aerodynamic in nature. It has a highly-optimised body structure that reduces drag phenomenally and gives tremendous high-speed stability. The overall appearance of this compact SUV is bold, rugged, and sophisticated.

Hyundai never falls short of providing useful features in its vehicles. This is one of the many reasons why Hyundai cars sell more than its competitors. The Tucson gets a plethora of features, both inside and outside, that gives it a premium touch. Hyundai’s signature hexagonal front grille framed by LED headlamps enhanced by sleek horizontal lines not only manifest a bolder, urban stance but also reveals its true athletic nature ready to be driven. This entire combination gives the Tucson a very upmarket feel and presence.

The Tucson is available in 10 attractive colors - Ara Blue, Pure White, Platinum Silver, Phantom Black, Galaxy Pearl, Milk Tea, Pepper Grey, Ruby Wine, Sedona Orange, and Sepia Topaz.

2- High-class interior with ample space

Hyundai Tucson Interior

The interior of the Tucson is a synonym for luxury. The use of a high-quality material in every element that makes the car feel much more premium. The seats provide superior comfort and are available in three color options - beige, black, and grey. Hyundai has designed the interior in such a manner that the cabin feels roomier than it actually is.

3- Ride quality and handling

Hyundai Tucson Handeling

One of the most important aspects of any premium car is its ride quality, because, obviously, you’ll be spending time inside the cabin going to places. And if the ride quality is not up to the mark, the overall ownership experience takes a hit. The Hyundai Tucson provides amazing ride quality thanks to its finely tuned suspension set up. It has got an improved McPherson Strut suspension at the front which enhances steering input and response and also gives a comfortable ride. At the rear, there’s the Multi-link suspension that allows for a plush ride and a greater driving stability.

Hyundai’s latest 7-speed Double clutch transmission (DCT) enhances the overall driving experience with its optimal performance, seamless gearshifts, and exceptional fuel economy. Some of the safety features like traction control, vehicle stability management, etc., also work in unison to give you the best driving pleasure.

4- Smart features for convenience

Hyundai has included a few clever and smart features in its Tucson to make your life a bit easy. Its Parking Assist System (PAS) has got sensors both at the front and rear bumper to help you park your premium crossover in those tight parking spaces. With the smart tailgate system of the Tucson, you won’t need to struggle to open the tailgate with your shopping bags in your hands. The intuitive hands-free smart tailgate system automatically opens the tailgate when an individual holding the proximity smart key moves within the detection zone for 3 seconds or more. To ensure you extra safety, the alarm is sounded and the vehicle’s hazard lights flash prior to the tailgate opening.

The seat warming & cooling air ventilation system makes sure that you’re seated comfortably irrespective of the weather conditions throughout the year. There’s also an optional 8-way adjustable passenger seat and up to 8-way adjustable power driver seat with the optional 2-way power lumbar support for the front seats.

5- Numerous advanced safety features

It’s good to know that Hyundai has kept safety as one of its top-most priorities. The Tucson is loaded with various latest safety features to keep you safe. It has got Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) that is designed to secure you from any potential collisions ahead using high-tech radar and camera sensors.

Then there’s the Blind Spot Detection (BSD) that constantly keeps an eye on the road using sensors to monitor any vehicles approaching blind spots from the side and rear end of your vehicle. The Tucson also has Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) that alerts the driver with clear audible sounds and visual graphics if the vehicle drifts too close to the edge of the lane.

Hyundai uses Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) which ensures the best-in-class skeletal rigidity of the body. Other features include Advanced Traction Cornering Control (ATCC), Vehicle Stability Management (VSM), Downhill Brake Control (DBC)
and Hill-start Assist Control (HAC), Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), 6 airbags, active headrests, and an Electronic Parking Brake (EPB).

These were some of the features of the Hyundai Tucson that will make your purchase worth every penny. Hyundai has always been very focused and responsive when it comes to customer satisfaction. The Tucson won’t let you down and will provide you with an amazing premium ownership experience.

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