Singapore Motor Show 2023: Lexus RX Hybrid and Electric RZ showcased

Singapore Motor Show 2023: Lexus RX Hybrid and Electric RZ showcased

ABU DHABI: With most of the recent auto shows keeping electric mobility as a focal point, this year's Singapore Motor Show is no exception. Introducing its plans for electric mobility at the auto show is Lexus with its two models - RZ and new RX. Both the new cars were on display at the Lexus counter throughout the show.

The RX is the hybrid version, while the RZ is a completely new electric car of the Japanese brand. Other hybrid vehicles of the brand were also on display, along with premium sedans and SUVs, including the Lexus IS, ES, UX, and NX

Lexus RZ

The 2023 Lexus RZ, which reflects the distinctive Lexus vehicle design and driving experience made possible by cutting-edge, electrified technology, serves as the brand's first BEV. The use of an e-TNGA platform designed specifically for BEVs and a lightweight, extremely stiff body to achieve ideal weight distribution by strategic placement of the battery and motor have improved the vehicle's basic performance. Additionally, the Direct4 all-wheel drive system, the incorporation of new steering control, and the optional Steer-by-Wire technology provide more accurate vehicle control.

Lexus RZ

The RZ's sleek acceleration and potent, torque-filled performance are reflected in its design. The distinctive spindle grille of Lexus is replaced with a BEV spindle body. The new front bumper design focuses on aerodynamic efficiency, ideal proportions, and aesthetics rather than meeting an internal combustion engine's cooling and exhaust requirements. This stylistic advancement introduces both a fresh Lexus appearance and a new approach to BEV design.

Lexus RZ

The spindle body houses a spacious, simple interior with the intention of promoting sustainable mobility and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the use of materials that have been carefully sourced. The cabin's handmade embellishments and cutting-edge technologies make it appear sumptuous despite its simplicity. It boasts a standard panoramic roof that visibly enlarges the inside, and the very effective heating system includes a radiant heater that is a first for Lexus.

In an effort to surpass consumer expectations, the 2023 Lexus RX features a wide range of ground-breaking, visually pleasing, and technological improvements. The Lexus RX is offered with a range of engines, including the first-ever Direct4 all-wheel drive system from the business and Lexus Electrified variants. A plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) model will be offered for the first time ever.

Lexus RX

The 2.5-litre four-cylinder Atkinson-cycle gasoline engine and hybrid motor that power the 2023 Lexus RX 350h together provide 246 horsepower and 316 Nm of torque in total. A nickel-metal hydride battery with high power and low resistance is also included, which offers exceptional fuel efficiency. With the 216-cell battery located below the back seat, storage capacity and passenger comfort are increased. In low-grip or acceleration circumstances, the Lexus e-four all-wheel drive system, which can be fitted to the Lexus RX HEV, uses a motor at the rear axle to supply drive force very quickly.

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