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The Giant Conundrum: Nissan Patrol or Toyota Land Cruiser

The Giant Conundrum: Nissan Patrol or Toyota Land Cruiser

The automotive market of UAE is unique in many aspects. With a well-developed road infrastructure encroaching vast stretches of desert, dirt cheap fuel costs and a penchant for luxury and space, its appetite for large SUVs is immense. This has led to the birth and rise of some very specialized tools that can battle the dunes on weekends and cruise in comfort on highways, the rest of the week.

Now after many decades, there are some clear winners emerging from this SUV battleground. You could probably find yourself surrounded by them – herds of Nissan Patrols and Toyota Land Cruisers – on the roads. You may even be sitting in either of them yourself. But their popularity and constant competition mean that they have slowly become very similar. Choosing between them is very confusing. This article tries to resolve this dilemma for you.

The Aesthetics

Land Cruiser vs Nissan Patrol

If sheer size was an aesthetic, these SUVs would have loads of it. Both of them are massive and have an unmissable presence on the roads. The Land Cruiser’s dimensions, from 4950(L) X 1978(W) X 1890(H) to 5115(L) X 1980(W) X 1905(H) mean that most people will be scampering to get out of your way. The Nissan Patrol, however, at 5165(L) X 1995(W) X 1940(H), actually ends up a little bigger. The Toyota is decidedly more utilitarian and keeps its conservative looks. Compared to the Patrol, it goes for a more rugged appearance. The Patrol takes a more luxurious and modern approach to styling. There are tasteful splashes of chrome and LED lights along with a more curvy European design aesthetic that just seems more refined.

The Interiors

Nissan Patrol and Toyota Land Cruiser Cabin

Both the cars are very well appointed when it comes to creature comforts and features. There is enough space inside to seat 8 people in comfort while also carrying all their luggage. Even the third row is not a bad place to be. Throughout their many different and quite expensive variants, they cover everything from memory function leather seats to multi-zone climate control to 10-inch infotainment systems. However, the Toyota loses out to the Nissan, as many of its more luxurious options are only available on the top of the range model with the 5.7-liter engine. Although it may come with wood grain trim as a standard for all variants, the materials also have a somewhat cheaper feel for an SUV at this price range.   


With such immense weights to lug around, these SUVs cannot compromise on power. The Toyota comes with three engine options: a 4.0-litre V6 producing 271 hp at 5600 rpm and 385Nm of torque at 4400rpm, a 4.6-litre V8 with 304 hp at 5500 rpm and 440 Nm of torque at 3400 rpm and a 5.7-litre V8 producing 362 hp at 5600 rpm and 530 Nm of torque at 3200 rpm. While the first engine is available with either a 5-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic, the other two are available with a 6-speed automatic and an 8-speed automatic, respectively. The Patrol comes either with a 4.0-litre V6 producing 275 hp at 5600 rpm and 395 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm or a 5.5-litre fuel injected V8 producing 400 hp at 5800 rpm and 560 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm, both meshed with a 7-speed automatic.


Land Cruiser and Patrol Safety Features

Safety is a big concern for the customers of these vehicles and the companies behind them are well aware of it. Being at a high price range, both the cars come equipped with ABS, EBD, brake assist, hill descent control, hill start assist etc. as standard. However, the Nissan comes with parking assist and sensors and a rearview camera as standard in even the base model. The Land Cruiser only provides these options in their top range models. Considering how big these vehicles are, these options are indispensable and having to pay extra for what is standard in the competition is like being robbed in broad daylight.  


Nissan Patrol and Toyota Land Cruiser Price

This is where we can come to a verdict. While the Patrol ranges from AED 195000 to AED 388000, the Land Cruiser starts at AED 208950 and tops out at AED 357000. Based solely on price, the Nissan appears to be a better buy. The Toyota is commendable for its durability and off-road prowess, however, Nissan has a slight upper hand by providing the same level of performance coupled with much better features and updated styling at a better price.

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