2018 X-Trail - Things we love about the Nissan SUV

2018 X-Trail - Things we love about the Nissan SUV

Nissan X-Trail is a full-size SUV that ensures to bring joy to you and your family. This car is a complete package of style, driving capabilities, and technology. It offers all the flexibility and comfort required for an adventurous trip.

Energising its muscular stance is a 2.5-litre 4-cylinder engine that pumps out 170 PS of maximum power at 6000 rpm and 233 Nm of peak torque at 4000 rpm. Further, the Nissan’s innovative Continuously Variable Transmission keeps the mill at optimal revs leading to excellent acceleration and fuel economy.

Enough of the performance talk, our aim here is to enlighten prospective buyers with the wide range of high-tech and useful features the X-Trail has on offer. So, get ready to know about Nissan X-Trail amazing ‘Intelligent Mobility’ and smart feature world.

1.Intelligent Cruise Control

Nissan X-Trail Intelligent Cruise Control

A conventional cruise control system allows the driver to rest his legs while it maintains a set vehicle speed. The Nissan Intelligent Cruise Control system is, however, a step ahead and like its name is enabled to take intelligent driving decisions. Apart from performing mandatory cruise responsibility, this system maintains an adjustable distance between your car and the one in front. As the traffic speeds up or slows down, the X-Trail responds to the situation accordingly.

2. Around View Monitor

Intelligent Cruise Control Intelligent Mobility

Most mainstream cars are fitted with a rear sensor that eases the tight spot parking scenario to a limited extent. The X-Trail takes a leap on this front and provides the driver with a virtual 360-degree view of the surrounding with four cameras. The display on the dashboard offers a split-screen set up from where the driver can view front, rear, and kerbside surroundings.

3. Sense More Around You

X-Trail Bind Spot Warning System

Driving Nissan X-Trail is a real pleasure. Its wide range of tech multiplies drivers confidence by monitoring activities happening around the car. The Blind Spot Warning system detects vehicles in the blind spot, thus helping you change lanes with more confidence. Further, helping you avoid collision is the Intelligent Emergency Braking system that engages brake if the driver fails to respond timely. Its Rear Cross Traffic Alert system senses vehicle when you’re reversing and makes reverse process safer and risk-free.

4. Behind the scene technology

Nissan Intelligent Trace Control

What we discussed above was hard-core active driving tech, apart from that the X-Trail is packed with smart passive features. In the list are included -

Intelligent Trace Control - Keeps the car in optimal line while taking turns by adjusting brake pressure on individual wheels.

Intelligent Ride Control - It enhances ride comfort by applying subtle braking to prevent unpleasant body motion on bumps.

Intelligent Engine Brake - This tech controls the automatic gear setup as a manual option, it accelerates and decelerates as smoothly as can be imagined.

Intelligent 4X4 - Using a sensor and computer, this system measures wheel slip and distributes torque accordingly.

5. Features enhancing comfort and convenience

Motion Activated Liftgate

Until now, all we talked about X-Trail’s driver-centric features, now let’s move and see what it has on offer for the passengers. With the new Nissan Connect system, the X-Trail is your smartphone’s best buddy. Tuned with navigation and mobile apps, you can access all that you want in this SUV - from Google to Facebook to your favorite playlist. Next, making your life a bit easier is the motion activated liftgate that’ll open with just a foot swing under the centre of the bumper.

Isn’t the X-Trail great? Well, with all these features and a price tag of AED91,350, we think it’s a great steal deal in the SUV category.

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