Mini to redesign Clubman as crossover SUV

Mini to redesign Clubman as crossover SUV

British automotive brand Mini is likely to add another car to its lineup of sports utility vehicles (SUVs) in the form of a redesigned Mini Clubman. The next-generation Mini Clubman will be the company’s second crossover SUV. The 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder Countryman is Mini’s first crossover SUV.

Mini Clubman

Industry reports suggest that the Clubman hasn’t been able to reach its expected sales volume. While hatchbacks are popular in the European market, they are not exactly good performers in other regions, including Asia and the US. Most international car markets are witnessing a surge in the demand for SUVs.

Mini Clubman SUV

Oliver Heilmer, the chief designer of Mini, has hinted that the six-door Clubman can grow in size in a station wagon avatar and possibly move towards an SUV-type body styling. The new Clubman would be positioned alongside the five-door Countryman. The latter’s current version is a bit bigger in size. Heilmer, however, didn’t indicate whether the Countryman will be positioned as a bigger or smaller vehicle than the Clubman. The marketing strategy of the two crossovers is also under wraps. Mini may consider branding the Clubman as a more luxurious, on-road vehicle, while the Countryman could be targeted for off-road driving enthusiasts.

The Clubman is a super-mini vehicle, designed and produced by leading German luxury car manufacturer BMW and marketed under the Mini marquee. The Clubman debuted in 2007. It was a variant of the Mini hatchback.

The Mini recently got a mid-cycle upgrade for the first time since 2015. A few minor tweaks were incorporated in the design. The upgrade mostly concentrated in expanding the car’s equipment and features, based on the latest technology in connectivity and operation. The car’s motor and suspension system has also been upgraded. The vehicle is now available in a choice of six engines, three each of diesel and petrol. Its output ranges from 102 bhp to 192 bhp.

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