Jaguar I-Pace to receive a software update, 8% increase in range expected

Jaguar I-Pace to receive a software update, 8% increase in range expected

Good news for Jaguar I-Pace owners. Jaguar is set to release a complimentary software update for the I-Pace that will increase the real-world driving range up to 8% or 20 km. The company has derived this update from the I-Pace eTrophy race series that provided Jaguar with a barrage of data for analysis.

Jaguar I-Pace front

Jaguar has optimised five key aspects of the car. First is the all-wheel-drive system, which is said to be more efficient than before in distributing torque between the front and rear electric motors in Eco mode. It still delivers permanent AWD though. Next the company optimised the thermal management control along with the active radiator vane (closes more frequently) to enhance the aerodynamic performance of the car. Battery performance has also been optimised to run the car on a lower charge state, without affecting the performance, durability, and drivability.

Jaguar I-Pace rear

Car’s regenerative braking system has been improved to regain energy in a better manner than before. The predictive range calculation algo has been improved as well, will deliver consistent as well as a more accurate vehicle range. This will, however, depend on the style of driving, the company said.

This software update is free of cost, all you have to do is visit the nearest authorised Jaguar dealer for doing the formalities. Additionally, this software will also enable the Software-Over-The-Air functionality so that all electronic modules of the car get future updates remotely. 

Jaguar I-Pace driving range

For those who are unaware, the I-Pace is first all-electric SUV by the British automaker featuring a 90 kWh lithium-ion battery and a travel range of 470 km. The fitted battery provides power to two electric motors that together generate a max power of 400 PS and a peak torque of 696 Nm. The I-Pace is capable of sprinting from zero to 100 kmph in 4.8 seconds. It requires about 40 minutes to charge to up to 80% while a 15-minute charge is good for 100 km of driving range. 

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