Toyota Camry: Nay or yes?

Toyota Camry: Nay or yes?

One of the most reliable cars in the world comes from the house of Toyota. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. The second most reliable car also comes from there. The first one is the Toyota Corolla while the second one is the Camry. Unlike the Corolla, the latter gets regular updates and has gone from boring, to now desirable. Yes, you should see the latest-gen Toyota Camry. It is nothing short of wow. The car looks so desirable and while here in the UAE we don’t get the hybrid powertrain, there still is an option to import one. However, are we lacking in natural resources? The answer is no and hence there hasn’t been a requirement for the hybrid.

Toyota Camry Exterior

So, is the Toyota Camry a No or Yes for you. Let’s find out the factors leading to it then.

Looks the part

Don’t you agree that Toyota vehicles now have started looking the part? Long gone are those boring lines and even for their efficiency monger variants, Toyota gives in an aggressive body kit. The Camry that is sold here gets this aggressive look. There are two variants, the 2.5-litre petrol and the performance-oriented 3.5-litre model. Those multi-layered headlights look as good in person as they do in the pictures. The slim grille with the wide gaping air intakes makes for a pretty aggressive fascia. Nestled in there are the tiny fog lights. These are projector units and do a good job at illumination. The 18-inch alloys on the top spec trims look fabulous too. The rear lights also are LED and cut a very distinctive as well as attractive shape. These blend well with the overall theme and the spoiler that Toyota has used. Body kits too are available and the Camry is one smart looking car. It is no longer the executive’s boring daily driver.

Certainly a resounding yes for this department.

Luxury at its best

Toyota Camry Cabin

Toyota has used parts and bits from Lexus. After all, this is their flagship sedan in most parts of the world. Let’s go to the back seats first as these will be occupied most of the times by the owners of the Camry. Toyota has used high-quality materials and made sure that the passenger at the Camry’s back is properly cared for. The seatbacks recline 30 degrees to give a better angle of comfort for those seated. There are air vents directing air flow towards you and then there are those under the front seat vents too. The hand rest in the middle seat too house audio controls as well as glass holders. Lest we forget, there is also a powered sunshade for the rear windscreen and optional for the side windows.

Toyota Camry feature


The dashboard looks like from no other Toyota. It has a waterfall design with the upper section being clearly divided from the lower one by that brushed aluminium material. The touchscreen infotainment boasts navigation and it has vivid colours as well. Toyota offers a head-up display as optional with the Camry. The front seats are powered with the driver getting the option for memory settings. Everything in and around the cabin seems very well put together - a testament to Toyota reliability and the name the Camry has earned for itself. The boot is huge at 600 litres and can be opened just by waving your leg under the boot floor.

One of the best interior designs there is. Not only from Toyota but also from other makers too.

Got the power?

Toyota Camry engine

There are two engine options being offered with the Camry in UAE. As we discussed earlier, the hybrid configuration has been given the skip here. A 2.5-litre dual VVT-i and 4-cylinder configuration make 178 PS of power at 6,000 rpm whereas the torque produced is 230 Nm at 4,100 rpm. A 6-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters is offered here. This engine is known more for its efficiency than outright speed. It is silky smooth in operation as well. The performance-oriented 3.5-litre petrol engine is again naturally aspirated but has a V6 configuration. The engine makes 298 PS of power at 6,600 rpm and 360 Nm of torque at 4,700 rpm. This engine gets an 8-speed automatic transmission along with paddle shifters. Toyota claims an efficiency of 15 kmpl from the smaller motor and 14.3 kmpl from the larger one. If the hybrid was to be introduced, then the numbers would have shot up by a good 15 kmpl. Yes, it is that good. The bigger motor though lets out a delightful to the ears sound at the top of the rev range.

Handle ‘em with care

Toyota Camry interior

The Camry’s suspension has been stiffened after complaints from owners that the car doesn’t like corners too much. That being said, it is still pliant enough and most of the bumps are absorbed in silence. The handling has improved but the steering still feels lifeless.

Safety in numbers

Toyota Camry safety

Camrys are known to be the harbingers of safety tech. Much like the Volvos then. The Camry comes loaded with Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, front and back sensors, vehicle stability control, cruise control, rearview camera with guidelines, ISOFIX mounts, Hill Start Assist, Electronic Brake Distribution, Blind Spot Warning, six airbags, and ABS.

Your destination has arrived

Toyota Camry side

So, a simple answer to the question posed is, Yes. Unless the all-new Accord comes out with guns blazing, there is no way the Camry will be relegated to the background. It will continue to find new homes with ease and given the legendary Toyota service and reliability, it has the honours laid out on a platter.

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