In 2018 Toyota sold almost 10.6 million units

  • Feb 04, 2019

ABU DHABI: 2018 proved to be a hard year for Japan’s leading car maker Toyota. The auto giant sold 10.6 million vehicles (10,594,000 to be exact) for commercial and non-commercial use. This includes sales from subsidiaries like Daihatsu, Hino, and Lexus.

Toyota global sales - 10.6 Million Units

Daihatsu managed to sell 848,000 vehicles while Hino could do 204,000. The major hitters were Toyota and Lexus with a total of 9,524,000 sold units. All these figures are rounded up according to Toyota. These numbers suggest that the entire Toyota group saw a 2% gain over 2017. While there was an overall growth, Toyota was not able to do well in its home market. Passenger car sales fell by 4.8%, while the bus and truck division saw a small growth of 0.6%. Overall the car maker sold 1,564,309 vehicles on home turf, constituting a 4.2% drop. The luxury car brand Lexus saw a massive 20.8% increase with 55,100 cars being sold.

Lexus SUV exterior

Meanwhile, the other Toyota brand Daihatsu saw a 2.5% increase in sales clocking in 646,874 vehicles. These figures are for both their passenger and commercial vehicles. Hino was also able to muster up more sales with 70,808 trucks and buses being sold, a 4.5% increase. Even though there was a rise in sales by Lexus, Daihatsu, and Hino, the overall sales dipped by 2.1% to 2,281,991 in Japan.

Toyota pickup

Stepping out of Japan, Toyota had varied results in 2018. The market in the Philippines saw a 16.57 % drop. Despite this, there was a bump of 2.9% in other markets totalling 7,977,000 vehicles. International sales of Daihatsu and Hino were 201,000 and 133,000, respectively. Overall, the Toyota group sold 8,312,000 cars all over the globe, excluding Japan.


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