Porsche 959-inspired 992 customised by Marc Phillipp Gemballa GmbH

Porsche 959-inspired 992 customised by Marc Phillipp Gemballa GmbH

Don’t be so excited about the new Porsche 911 Turbo S that is set for the 2020 Geneva Motor Show next week as there is something more exciting waiting. However, it is only for a few people to get a glimpse early, while others will have to wait for later this year to see it.

This special model is the Porsche 911 tweaked and reformed by the son of the renowned tuner, Uwe Gemballa. It will be showcased to a limited number of early adopters and prospective clients at a private event to be held in Switzerland. Others will only get to see it once it makes its public debut later this year.

Customised Porsche 911 front

The best word that could describe this 959-inspired Porsche is ‘custom’. The limited teaser we get here clearly indicates that it is not straight out of Porsche’s shed. It has been made by a tuning and customisation company known as the Marc Phillipp Gemballa GmbH.

And since this model will be private for now, a lot of the details aren’t available at the moment. Yet, the teaser suggests that it would pay homage to the legendary 959, thanks to the wide spoiler at the back and the LED taillight stripe.

 Alan Derosier

The design has been made by Alan Derosier, a very renowned personality in this industry. He is presently the creative director of Studiokurbos but has worked for other major companies, like Cherry (Chinese) and Renault. He has tremendous experience in making graphics renderings of Porsche cars that even caught the attention of the German premium automaker.

If you are interested in this 992-based Porsche car, there is good news. This Marc Phillipp Gemballa GmbH-made model will be built in actual, albeit in limited numbers. The total production cycle of the car will be restricted to just 40 units. It will have a lot of carbon fibre elements in its build to save a lot of weight.

So even if you don’t get a glimpse of this Porsche 992 customised car at the private event, it is surely worth the wait till later this year.

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