Meet the potent Toyota Hilux ‘Black Mamba’ edition

Meet the potent Toyota Hilux ‘Black Mamba’ edition

ABU DHABI: Dangerous animals have always been an inspiration for products and cars. The latest entrant in this category is from the Japanese automaker Toyota. Say hello to the Hilux Revo Z Edition Black Mamba, of course, it inspired by the deadly snake. The truck was on display at the 2019 Bangkok International Motor Show.

Hilux Revo Z Edition Black Mamba exterior

So what magic has Toyota conjured up exactly? Essentially, it is a black Hilux with a heavy dose of aftermarket accessories (mostly made from carbon fibre). Up front, you have a carbon fibre hood and a beefy front splitter. The door to the bed and even the outside rear view mirrors are made from carbon fibre. In an effort to make the truck as light as possible, the bed lining has also been removed. Completing the changes on the outside are the red 18-inch alloy wheels and a significant drop in ride height.

Hilux Revo Z Edition Black Mamba side

Jump inside the Black Mamba Edition, and the regular front seats have been replaced with carbon-shelled racing seats (complete with a 5-point harness). The regular steering wheel is also done away with, replaced by a sport-ready unit. You also get a ball-shaped old school titanium looking gear knob.

It would have been nice if Toyota made some changes under the hood of this special edition. Sadly though, this truck is only skin deep. It uses the same 2.4-litre 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine found in a regular Hilux, and power is rated at 148 bhp with 400 Nm of torque.

Hilux Revo Z Edition Black Mamba side

All these add-ons are already available at the Toyota dealerships in Thailand, and it seems like the company has just brought them all together to give customers a taste of what they can get. No details have been provided as to when and if the Black Mamba Edition will come to our region.

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