Honda will not develop a CR-V based EV

Honda will not develop a CR-V based EV

ABU DHABI: While most of the automobile manufacturers are constantly working towards electrification of their vehicles, Honda is one brand which has shown very little enthusiasm in the department. The automobile giant planned a hybrid innovation for its most loved SUV, the CR-V to compete in some international markets. However, Honda CR-V’s assistant product leader, Tetsuo Mikasa during a report suggested that the company has no plans for developing an entirely electric CR-V and that the hybrid version offers the ‘best advantages’ to the customers.

Honda CR-V Front

While we will not see an electrified CR-V anytime soon, the Japanese carmaker does have plans to reveal more electric vehicles by the end of this year. Last year, Honda launched the Clarity Electric for the US market and this time it has confirmed the launch of its first Electric vehicle for the Chinese market - most probably the production version of the Honda Everus EV Concept. However, HR-V based EV will be sold only in the Chinese market.

For the European market, the company has planned a production version of the Honda Urban EV concept. It will compete with the Nissan Leaf and the production version of the VW ID concept, that was displayed during an event earlier this year.

Honda CR-V Side

There are plans to develop the Honda Jazz (also known as the Honda Fit in some countries) electric version by 2020. According to Honda, the JazzEV will come with a range of 300 km and more than 1 lakh units will be sold across the globe.

However, Honda has no plans to launch EVs for the Indian market as it suggests that the technology and the market are not yet ready for electric cars.

Honda CR-V Rear

Honda had also launched a hybrid version of its Civic in the past, and it presently sells a hybrid version of Accord in India. However, high import duties and irrelevant subsidies restricted both the cars from gaining popularity in the Indian market. The company has plans to launch diesel hybrid of CR-V in the country soon.

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