Novitec upgrades Ferrari Portofino, makes it a little more special

  • Apr 01, 2019

ABU DHABI: What do you get when German engineering and an Italian sports car join forces? Well, sometimes it can be a marvellous wonder like the Novitec tuned Ferrari Portofino. Tastefully modifying a Ferrari can be quite challenging, but the German tuner has done just that with the Portofino (successor to the Ferrari California).

Novitec Ferrari Portofino

First off, Novitec has added a new body kit. As expected from German engineering, this is not just any body kit to make the car look better. It increases the aerodynamic efficiency of the already sleek Portofino, with the parts being developed in a wind tunnel. You get a front spoiler with integrated air deflector inserts, dual air intakes on the hood, and custom rocker panels on the side for better air flow. Novitec has also added carbon fibre side view mirrors along with a variety of 21/22-inch alloy wheel designs. The rear of the Portofino has also been modified to accommodate a new fascia attachment made from carbon fibre. There is also a very subtle carbon fibre spoiler lip, complimenting all the other bits that have been added.

Ferrari Portofino By Novitec

Now that we have the looks, let’s look at the performance updates. The ongoing Portofino makes 591 bhp and 760 Nm from its 3.9-litre V8 engine. Novitec has worked their magic and is able to extract an additional 83 bhp and 91 Nm. This brings the power up to a crazy 674 bhp and torque to 851 Nm. This results in a 0.3 second drop in the 0-100 kmph time, which is now dismissed in 3.2 seconds. Top speed is scary 325 kmph. Novitec is also offering optional sports suspension, this improves handling and drops the Portofino by 1.37 inches. Do not worry about scraping your gorgeous Ferrari as it has a lift system which jacks up the front by up to 1.57 inches.

Ferrari Portofino By Novitec  rear

With their vast experience, Novitec certainly knows how to tune cars without making them gaudy. These subtle yet noticeable additions to the Portofino make it look mean and aggressive. The best part is that the added components actually help in performance, it is not just for show. The extra power from the engine tuning makes a quick car even faster, and who can really complain about that?


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