Nissan Maxima: Features explained

  • Mar 13, 2019

With a plethora of vehicles in the region, Nissan Maxima is probably among the most underrated cars available in the market. Nissan UAE has got a good reputation when it comes to larger vehicles like SUVs, say the Patrol; even they are sometimes overshadowed by competitors from big brands. But when it comes to sedans, it’s most likely that people tend to prefer much popular car companies than Nissan. We don’t understand why? Nissan makes great vehicles be it SUVs or sedans. One such example is the Maxima.

Nissan Maxima features

In this story, we will make you aware of some of the top features of this appealing sedan. Perhaps, that would make you understand it much better, and you’d realise it is nothing less than the others in this segment.

Exterior features

Signature boomerang headlamps and taillights

The front look of the Maxima is enhanced by the gorgeous headlamps. They have a unique design which would appeal to a wide range of customers. Apart from the headlamps, the LED daytime running lights are also present. Their boomerang shape is a signature move by Nissan. These lights help the Maxima to stand out and be recognised in a crowded environment easily.

We can say the same about the taillights of this sedan. They are large and cover a good area at the back. Apart from their size, they, too, have a signature boomerang style LED tube running inside that looks gorgeous.

Nissan Maxima front

Signature front grille

Nissan’s V-motion front grille has found its way in the Maxima as well. It is short but thick and neatly flushes into the headlamps. Above and below the grille is blacked out portion that adds to the sporty character of the car.

Floating roof design

We have seen floating roof designs in many other cars but what makes it different in the Maxima is that instead of just blacking out the last pillar to add that floating roof effect. Nissan took things a step further and blacked out all the three pillars. They meld seamlessly into the glasswork, thus imparting a magical floating roof design.

Interior features

Nissan Maxima INTERIOR

Luxurious cabin

Nissan has done a great job in making the cabin of the Maxima a first-class place to be in. Whether it is the quality of the materials used or the fit and finish of the panels, each and everything here is spot on. Attention to detail can be seen everywhere around the cabin. The seats offer tremendous comfort, there is ambient lighting to set up as per your mood, the dashboard is neatly laid out and ergonomically designed, the steering wheel feels solid and sporty; the list is endless.

Nissan Connect

Nissan Maxima infotainment system

The advanced 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system works like a tablet. It supports multi-touch gestures like zoom in-out, pinch in-out, swipe, etc. You can browse through the menu by using these gestures or go for the elegant display commander positioned just behind the gear lever. This touchscreen system also supports navigation and Bluetooth so you can connect your smartphone with the car.

Quiet cabin

Nissan has used its active noise cancellation technology to reduce the unwanted sound seeping into the cabin to a minimum. This technology utilises microphones placed in the front and rear of the car to monitor unwanted noise and help cancel it out, reducing unpleasant low-frequency sounds by as much as 10 decibels.

Advanced instrument cluster

Nissan Maxima instrument cluster

Behind the sporty steering wheel is Nissan’s advanced instrument cluster. Apart from having a couple of conventional dials, this unit also features a 7-inch color display in between. This display is connected to Nissan’s advanced driver assist system which helps the driver in certain ways like by showing turn-by-turn directions, caller ID, etc.


Nissan Maxima CVT

One of the best features of the Nissan Maxima specs is its powerful engine. This 3.5-litre V6 engine is Nissan’s legendary engine that contains high-end parts like sodium-filled exhaust valves, anodized pistons, high-flow tuned induction system, etc. It churns out a max power of 300 horses which is controllably transmitted to the driving wheels by the Xtronic CVT unit.

Safety features

Nissan Maxima SAFETY TECH

Apart from the usual safety features like airbags, ABS, etc., the Maxima features Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility system which works all the time to keep you safe. It provides many intelligent features like cruise control, a full 360-degree view, forward collision warning, emergency braking, blind spot warning, rear cross traffic alert, traction control, engine brake, and whatnot.

So, these were some of the top features of the Nissan Maxima. There are plenty more remaining to talk about which we can’t discuss in a single article. However, we hope that you would now have an idea about how capable this car is. The Nissan Maxima price starts at AED 102,900 for the base model and rises all the way up to AED 139,913 for the range-topping Midnight edition.


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