2019 Nissan Patrol: Still a wise choice?

  • Dec 05, 2018

The Nissan Patrol, well, we can call it the car of the Middle-East without a doubt. Ever since its arrival in the land of sand dunes, the SUV has made a house in every Emiratis heart. First started rolling out from the production line in the 50s, the Patrol has pretty much been everywhere. From being used by the Japenese military to be the first car crossing the Simpson Desert in Australia.

2019 Nissan Patrol In The Dunes

The Nissan Patrol has been the SUV to rely on. But now, in the year 2019, is the SUV still a considerable choice for the UAE? Read on to know.

Where does it come from?

2019 Nissan Patrol Gen-2

The Nissan Patrol first made its way out on the roads in the 1950s. Called the 4W60, the SUV was used even the by Japanese armed forces. Since then, the SUV has seen its 5 generations go by, and today, it still stands tall across the globe in its 6th generation. The latest iteration, also known as the Y62 and hasn’t lost any of its off-roading and adventurous abilities. The SUV from Japan rushes through the sand dunes without a fuss.

Do people like it over here?

2019 Nissan Patrol Side

Like? That would be an understatement. The Emiratis love the Nissan Patrol. It is more of a status symbol over here. Wanna have some adventure in the dunes? You definitely need a Patrol. Just like the Toyota Corolla, you’ll find a Patrol resting in every other parking lot or a garage. Good looks, great city driving, and the astonishing off-road capabilities make the Nissan Patrol the car to go for in the UAE.

How does it look?

2019 Nissan Patrol Side Angular

In its early days, the Nissan Patrol packed in a boxy look. But with the passage of time, the SUV has very firmly moulded itself into a muscular and appealing SUV with the slightest of curves and creases. The 2019 Nissan Patrol might not be as flashy as some latest SUVs in the market, but the other sexy SUVs haven’t got that robust aptitude either. With projector headlamps, fog lamps in chrome housings, and subtle curves, the Patrol has got that modern element as well. In short, the Nissan Patrol is a decent looking SUV which does a lot more than its job.

What’s on the inside?

2019 Nissan Patrol Dash

Move inside the 2019 Nissan Patrol, and you’ll find a no-nonsense interior. There ain’t no futuristic touchscreen controls here. The dashboard houses a hell lot of switches which might make the Patrol feel a little dated. The switchgear, though, is as robust as it could be. The room inside is ample, three people can fit easily even in the third row. The seats are comfortable and roomy. So, if you can live with a traditional, or we’d say a retro dashboard the 2019 Nissan Patrol is just as good inside as well.

Does it have that oomph?

2019 Nissan Patrol Engine

The 2019 Nissan Patrol specs are, good. It is powered by a 5.6-litre DOHC direct injection V8 motor. This engine is capable of delivering a maximum power of 406 PS and a peak torque of 560 Nm. The ample power generated is then sent to all the four wheels via a 7-speed automatic transmission. While the V8 is powerful, it might not provide you too much of thrills. Keeping in mind the fact that this is no unibody SUV from the modern world and the chassis is also separate, the Patrol makes some amount of noise at times. However, for sheer adventure and conquering all kind terrains without breaking a sweat, there ain’t no other SUV like the 2019 Nissan Patrol. There is also a lower end V6 which makes 279 PS and 394 Nm. This SUV just glides through, no matter if its a buttery road or a naughty desert stretch.

Do I wanna get one?

2019 Nissan Patrol Left Angular

Oh yes. Surely. Clean looks, neat and spacious interior, near to zero fancy stuff which some never even use, powerful enough motor, and those off-road skills, why on earth would someone not choose the 2019 Nissan Patrol? What’s better? According to a survey which included over 2000 buyers and sellers, the Nissan Patrol retains up to 75% price value if you sell it within 3 years from purchase. Which other SUV brings you that loyalty? So, if you’re out in the market for a fancy, sexy, and a futuristic SUV, then look somewhere else. However, if you like simplicity, a little bit of retro, and love to wander in the desert, the 2019 Nissan Patrol is what you want.


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