Lamborghini unveils Aventador SVJ Roadster at Geneva

Lamborghini unveils Aventador SVJ Roadster at Geneva

ABU DHABI: Lamborghini’s top dog, the Aventador, has been presented in SVJ Roadster format at the Geneva Motor Show 2019. The SVJ Roadster will be a limited edition run model with only 800 units up for grabs. This makes it even more elusive than its coupe counterpart of which only 900 units will be made.

Lamborghini unveils Aventador SVJ Roadster

Powering this maniacal bull is the same engine found in the regular hardtop Aventador SVJ. This means a 6.5-litre naturally-aspirated V12 pumping out 770 PS at 8,500 rpm and 720 Nm of torque at 6,750 rpm. Powering all four wheels is a 4th generation Haldex system in conjunction with a 7-speed Independent Shifting Road (ISR) gearbox. Performance numbers come in with a 0-100 kmph time of 2.9 seconds and 0-200 kmph in 8.8 seconds. This is slightly slower than the coupe version which takes 2.8 and 8.6 seconds for the 0-100/200 kmph sprint, respectively. Top speed comes in at over 350 kmph.

Lamborghini unveils Aventador SVJ Roadster FRONT

The slight performance difference between the coupe and the roadster is due to the fact that the latter weighs 50 kg more. The roof on the roadster is made of high-pressure resin transfer moulding carbon-fibre, meaning each part of the two pieces only weighs 6 kg. This makes it easier to unlatch and stow away the roof since there is no electrical system for it.

Lamborghini unveils Aventador SVJ Roadster top-view

Just like its coupe brother, the roadster has all the latest Lamborghini tech. This includes magnetorheological suspension, Lamborghini Dynamic Steering (LDS), rear-wheel steering, and Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva (ALA) active aerodynamics system. The ‘brains’ of the entire car, the Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo 2.0 (LDVA 2.0) monitors all parameters in real time and sends instructions to various systems to get the best performance. This will be based on the drive mode selected, either Sport, Strada (Street), Corsa (Track) or Ego.

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster cabin

Local prices for the SVJ Roadster are not known, for Europe, it starts at EUR 387,007. The car on display at the Geneva Motor Show was painted in an exquisite new matte bronzo zenas (bronze) color and had special white (binaco phanes) livery.

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