Jeep Wrangler - All you need to know

Jeep Wrangler - All you need to know

We are absolutely in love with our offroaders in the United Arab Emirates and the Jeep brand has brought us one of the most legendary off-road icons of all time. The latest offering from the American sports utility vehicle manufacturer is the 2019 Jeep Wrangler which also happens to be an all-new model.

Jeep Wrangler front

The current model traces its lineage back to the original Willys and Ford GPW Jeeps when it was used in combat during World War 2. The new Wrangler features several style touches that pay tribute to the original military Jeeps of that era. The current model is a completely redesigned unit that manages to strike a delicate balance between refinement and versatility.


2019 Jeep Wrangler features a completely new design as compared to its predecessor and therefore features several subtle and modern styling touches. In the UAE Jeep offers the all-new Wrangler in a 2- door body type which comes with a removable hardtop. At the front, we find the headlight cluster now features LED but the LED treatment is also offered on the fenders which house the turn indicators. The front seven slit grille has been redesigned and now curves around the headlights. The hood no longer features any logos as they have been moved to the side of the SUV.

Jeep Wrangler front


The dimensions of the 2019 Jeep Wrangler changes as you to customize and move around the car’s panels. The front bumper also comes with detachable panels that allow customers to attach larger off-road tires. Defenders have also been raised higher so that they can accommodate larger tires. On the hood, we find two plastic handles that also protect the bonnet when the windscreen is pull down.

Jeep Wrangler

Dimensions Measurements
Length 4223 mm
Width 1873 mm

1825 mm

Wheelbase 2268 mm
Ground clearance 8.98 inches (front) 8.66 inches (rear)


Inside the cabin, we find there are AC vents for the rear seat passengers. Also at the rear, when the center armrest is folded down, it doubles as cupholders. The armrests have been redesigned to offer grips that come in handy when removing the doors on the Wrangler. At the front of the cabin, we have displays and when the Wrangler is turned on, the starting graphic shows an old Jeep morphing into the current model. The Rubicon model of Wrangler also comes with built-in auxiliary switches. 

Jeep Wrangler cabin

The interior of the SUV has been designed to be sturdy and waterproof so that it can be easily cleaned and even be hosed down. The dashboard also features switches to lock the front and rear differentials and the center console features a dedicated gear shifter for the low range gears. The 2019 Jeep Wrangler specs sheet also include a very intuitive touchscreen infotainment unit that comes mated to a waterproof alpine sound system.

Engine Specifications

The top speed of the 2019 Jeep Wrangler caps out at 180 kmph and it only takes 11 liters of petrol for the SUV to travel 100 kms. The Pentastar V6 is a very capable motor and propels the Wrangler to 100 kmph from a standstill in 7 seconds.

Engine 3.6- Liter Penstar V6 Petrol
Power 285 bhp
Torque 353 Nm
Transmission 6-speed Automatic

Jeep Wrangler rear

Variants and Price

Jeep Wrangler is available in three variants with prices starting from AED 144,900 going all the way up to AED 204,900. The mid-range Sahara variant is a more luxurious version of the entry-level model and the most expensive Rubicon variant is designed to be the ultimate off-road machine. As for the pricing, we feel that Jeep has priced Wrangler at a premium which is understandable considering it is one of the most iconic SUV ever produced.

Have a look at Jeep Wrangler Price list -

Variant Price
Sport 2- Door AED 144,900
Sahara 2- Door AED 169,900
Rubicon 2- Door AED 204,900

Competition Picks

Considering the Wrangler's price point and its off-road expertise Jeep's iconic SUV doesn't have a direct competitor in the market. Some close rivals include the 2019 Toyota FJ Cruiser, 2019 Nissan Pathfinder and even the outgoing model of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.

2019 Jeep Wrangler versus Toyota FJ Cruiser

The 2019 Toyota FJ Cruiser is available in two variants starting with the entry-level GXR model priced at AED 147,000 which is powered by a 270 BHP motor and the top of the line Xtreme variant which is priced at AED 169,000 and gets a more powerful 275 BHP motor. The price point and power figures of Toyota FJ Cruiser are marginally close to that of the Wrangler Sport and Sahara variant. As for the off-roading capabilities, instead of the FJ Cruiser customers might want to consider the more capable Land Cruiser Prado or even the Nissan Pathfinder.

Jeep Wrangler

Safety Features

The all-new Jeep Wrangler comes equipped with a plethora of safety features some of which include advanced multistage front airbags, Sentry Key anti-theft engine immobilizer, auto-dimming rearview mirror, keyless entry, power heated mirrors, on-road/off-road four-wheel disc anti-lock brake system and brake assist.


Jeep Wrangler’s USP is its lineage and customers are attracted to the appeal of becoming part of this iconic SUV’s history. If this alone does not impress you then Jeep has very carefully segregated the Wrangler lineup to offer reasonably priced versatile and very capable everyday SUVs with the sport and Sahara variants and an incredibly competent off-roader with the Rubicon model. Thus ensuring that there is a model of the new Wrangler for every budget and function.

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