Interior of the Honda EV prototype for Geneva Motor Show teased

  • Feb 14, 2019

ABU DHABI: With the 2019 Geneva Motor Show approaching, Honda has decided to give us an opportunity to have a glimpse of the interior of its EV prototype. While this electric vehicle has not been given a name by Honda yet, this should happen when the auto show begins next month.

Honda EV Concept Front

Looking at the image, we can see that inspiration for the prototype is derived from the Urban EV Concept which Honda showcased in 2017. The entire length of the dashboard is adorned by multiple screens. The display is divided into three sections and is touch based. The image also shows a number of features onboard like pre-conditioning and setting charging schedules & limits. Much like the concept, Side cameras appear to be used, but the screens for these are mounted beside the main display and not on the doors.

Honda EV Concept Dash

The steering wheel inside is a two-spoke unit with an array of buttons mounted on it. These intended to control the infotainment system and driver assistance systems like adaptive cruise control. Jutting out at the end of the wiper stalk seems to be a button for the all-around camera system. Moving down below the screens, there are a few buttons placed on a wooden trim which are the volume control knob, audio on/off, screen brightness, and home screen buttons. There are two buttons which are unrecognisable, however, one of them does seem to resemble the NFC icon.

Honda EV Concept Door Open View

Below this entire layout are the air vents, engine start/stop button, and the climate control system switches. Power outlets seem to be aplenty with the one at the centre capable of delivering 1500 watts with 230 V AC. We can also see that there will be a personal assistant system with smartphone connectivity and a selection of apps through connected services. While this EV prototype could be an early production version of the Urban EV Concept, there is no concrete information as of now. More details should be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show next month. So, until then, we gotta sit back and relax.


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