Could this be the Alfa Romeo GTV?

  • Apr 02, 2019

ABU DHABI: Last year at Alfa Romeo’s 5-year conference plan, the company declared that they were going to bring back the legendary GTV. Now, a new teaser image has leaked, initially originating at the Italian Club Alfa website. The image reportedly is from an official Alfa Romeo event, and this adds some credibility to the representation of the car seen on the leaked image.

Alfa Romeo GTV teaser

The GTV moniker stands for ‘Gran Turismo Veloce’, which essentially means a fast grand tourer. The last GTV was a small coupe which went out of production in 2005. The new GTV certainly does not seem like its predecessors, though it is still a 2+2 coupe. It appears to be a much more modern package and could compete with cars like the BMW 8 Series.

Alfa will most likely use its Giorgio platform for the new GTV. This platform has been developed with electrification in mind and also underpins the Giulia/Stelvio. Given the great dynamic characteristics of these cars, we can expect the GTV to be no less and hopefully even better on the dynamic front.

Alfa Romeo GTV presentation

Power to the new GTV is most likely derived from a hybrid setup, generating over 600 bhp. The existing 2.9-litre twin-turbocharged V6 petrol engine (producing 505 bhp) along with an electric motor is what could be used. Allegedly, the new GTV is said to have a 50 km range in pure electric form. Helping control all this power will be an all-wheel drive system, torque vectoring, and a perfect 50/50 weight distribution.

The GTV is a historic moniker in the Alfa Romeo lineup. It was introduced back in 1960 and were sportier versions of the Giulia. They were powered by Alfa’s famous twin-cam 4-cylinder engine with a 6-cylinder version being introduced later on.

New Alfa Romeo GTV

Club Alfa also reports that the new GTV could be shown as a concept in 2021 and might be released the following year. Apart from the new GTV, Alfa is also working on a new 8C supercar which may see the light of day in 2022. It is supposed to be a twin-turbo mid-mounted hybrid supercar with over 700 bhp and a 0-100 kmph time of less than 3 seconds.


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