Bugatti to bring new electrical SUV

  • Aug 07, 2019

Bugatti is considering to make an agreement with Rimac, to get the assistance for its upcoming all-electric crossover. It is rumoured that Chiron and Divo may arrive a new companion. If reports are to be believed the 1379kW C002 rolling chassis and batteries will be borrowed from Rimac.

Bugatti Electric SUV Front

The German R&D firm EDAG and Magna Steyr, the Austrian manufacturer, can be enlisted to develop and produce the car respectively. Also, there is a rumour that the production phase of the crossover will be organised in the mothballed Campogalliano factory in Italy.

Bugatti Electric SUV Side

The new car is likely to have three doors, and the volume of the vehicle will be more significant. Despite, only 500 units of Chirons are produced, the carmaker will set a benchmark of selling 600 units of the new crossover each year. The price of the new car will be less than the Chiron as well. The starting price offer will start at $ US 850,000 (AED 3122,262.50).

Bugatti Electric SUV Rear

Stephan Winkelmann, the president of Bugatti, has not accepted the fact that whether a crossover will be made or not. The Bugatti has lost around millions of dollars to sell each Veyron. However, the carmaker has planned to launch a companion at its hypercar line-up. During 2009, the carmaker has launched a five-door hatchback concept named 16C Galibier.

In 2013, the carmaker canceled the Galibier. The VW Group executives made people aware of it in 2016. It is similar to the Estoque sedan concept’s deletion for the Urus crossover. Now, the famous carmaker has identified that there is a massive demand for SUVs in the market and is going to follow the insatiable thirst for SUVs.


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