Nissan Patrol - Features every buyer should know

Nissan Patrol - Features every buyer should know

The Nissan Patrol has been in the UAE market for years and remains a vehicle loved by the masses. It is admired by car enthusiasts in UAE and often referred to as “the king of desert.” The beast offers considerable benefits over its competitors such as the Toyota Land Cruiser. The Patrol has been one of the best sellers for Nissan, and the company is leaving no stone unturned to leverage the success.

Nissan Patrol Front

The Nissan Patrol is a delicate balance of power, style, and comfort making it perfect for both on-road and off-road drive. Let us look at some of the best features of the Nissan Patrol.

The Power

Nissan has unveiled a range of Patrol variants to address varying needs. The 5.6-litre V8 is capable of delivering 400 hp and 560 Nm of torque. The V6, on the other hand, comes with an engine capable of 275 hp and 396 Nm of Torque. The V6 can reach 100 kmph in 11.5 seconds which is about 4 seconds more than the V8. The V6 is 89 kg lighter than the V8 variant and delivers 16% power to weight ratio. The fuel efficiency stands at 8.5 kmpl for the V6.

Nissan Patrol Engine

The V6 is slightly underpowered, but should not cause any problem for the urban users. The users who intend to navigate the sand dunes should opt for the powerful V8 variant. In terms of other features, Nissan has maintained uniformity across both variants except for the ventilated seat seen in the V8. The look and feel of the both V6 and V8 are quite similar during standard use.

Exterior design

Nissan Patrol Side

Even though the Nissan Patrol has been around forever, the company has still managed to overhaul the design. The Patrol has an on-road presence with its dynamic chrome grille, blackened A-pillar, and 20-inch alloy wheels. The daytime running lights and LED headlights along with dynamic rear end sporting LED, further enhance the look. The generous use of chrome along the bodywork completes the intimidating presence of the Patrol.


Nissan Patrol sterring wheel

The interior of the Nissan Patrol is rich in plush leather and wood trim making it far superior to the competition. The hard plastic is restricted to the lower half maintaining the elegant aura of the vehicle. Users also get increased legroom and spacious interiors resulting from the longer wheelbase. The second and third seats can comfortably accommodate three passengers. The third-row seats offer sliding and reclining mechanism which is unprecedented.
The Patrol’s windshields in the front door panel and luggage areas are laminated with ultra microfiber insulation which ensures uniform cabin temperature and limits external noise. Users also get a built-in cooler box which is accessible from both the front and second-row seats.


Nissan uses technology that is meant to improve the overall experience of driving a Patrol. The 8-inch WVGA navigation display monitor with three different screens serves as the source of entertainment. There are also two 7-inch WVGA monitors for the second-row passengers. The wireless remote control, as well as the headphones, allow the passengers in the back to seamlessly enjoy the movies and games. The entertainment package is completed with a 13-speaker Bose Premium Sound System.

Nissan Patrol Side

The Nissan Patrol can be easily accessed by the Intelligent Key that allows you to unlock the doors without even taking the key out of your pocket. Patrol also boasts of a standard Push Button Start to get you going with just a push of the button. Patrol’s memory system enables you and another driver to save multimedia controls, climate controls, and preferred positions of driver’s seat, mirrors as well as the steering wheel.


Nissan Patrol Safety

Besides, the standard safety features that are part of Nissan, you also get better head protection, intelligent seat belts, and tyre pressure monitoring system with the Patrol. The AWR edition is also equipped with smart roof rails, Alcantara roof liner with starlight, Chrome exhaust tip, door courtesy lamp with logo illumination, and satin diffuser with reflector.

The suspensions, tyre, features, ground clearance, and power make the Patrol a formidable choice. With the starting price of AED 194,250, Nissan Patrol is a perfect family car for safe and comfortable off-road as well as the on-road journey.

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