New-gen Honda City to be unveiled in 2020

New-gen Honda City to be unveiled in 2020

ABU DHABI: Honda has revealed that the company would be unveiling the next-generation Honda City in 2020.  It is worth noting that the current model will be 6 years old by 2020, which would be similar to the lifespan of most previous generations of the City sedan.

Honda City

Over the past few years, the B-segment sedan market has been seeing increased interest from buyers as well as manufacturers. Looking at the recent updates in the segment, it is important for Honda to maintain a fresh image around the City sedan in order to avoid losing market share to more updated models.

City Concept

The Honda City is currently in its fourth generation (excluding the Japan-only hatchbacks that shared the same moniker). It was unveiled in 2014 and received a major mid-life facelift about a year ago. Honda sells the City sedan in all its major markets, with the car also being sold under the Grace name in Japan.

Honda City

As of now, not much is known about the new-gen 2020 Honda City. However, few reports are pointing towards the possibility of a hybrid powertrain option to be available in the new model. Interestingly, the Japan-spec Honda Grace already has a petrol-electric hybrid powertrain. The petrol and diesel engine will likely remain the same. In terms of design, the new City is expected to follow the traits of its elder sibling, the Honda Civic, and will thus get some more aggressive cuts and creases.

With the City getting a new-gen model, there is also a possibility of Honda updating the Jazz hatchback lineup during 2020. However, the same has not yet been verified or reported by any official source. We do expect to see more news coming in about these two upcoming Honda cars in the next few months.


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