Mercedes-Benz reveals Avatar-inspired concept car at CES 2020

Mercedes-Benz reveals Avatar-inspired concept car at CES 2020

ABU DHABI: Leading German luxury automobile manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has unveiled an advanced vision transportation (AVTR) car at the ongoing Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Branded as the Vision AVTR, the radical-looking vehicle is inspired by James Cameron’s 2009 blockbuster sci-fi film Avatar. The car, in fact, has been designed in collaboration with the team behind the film.

Mercedes-Benz Avatar-inspired concept car

The Vision AVTR sports a ‘One Bow’ organic design language. Its shape reminds of the Mercedes-Benz F 105 but the similarity ends there. Fluid and flowing, the Vision AVTR borrows design elements from a number of creatures shown in the film, and combines the outside and inside into a distinctive structure. 

Avatar-inspired concept car

The back of the concept car has 33 ‘bionic flaps’, which Mercedes-Benz says is reminiscent of reptile scale. These flaps communicate with the driver and with the outside world, through natural movements in subtle gestures.

The Vision AVTR is an all-electric car. It is hauled by four high-performance, individually-controlled electric motors. The combined power output of the car is over 350kw. The motors come with variable torque distribution, which means that each wheel can be controlled separately depending upon the driving situation. The rear and front axles, Mercedes-Benz claims, can be driven simultaneously or in an opposite way. It gives the car the ability to move sideways to a certain extent. This is a novel feature and will be useful in congested city traffic. A fully recyclable high-voltage battery pack feeds the motors. The Stuttgart-headquartered company claims that the Vision AVTR returns a travel range of 700 km on a single charge, while full recharging can be done in less than 15 minutes. 

Vision AVTR Rear

The open cabin of the Vision AVTR has a number of useful concepts, particularly regarding the user experience. The biometric ignition process involves placing the hand on the central console of the control unit. The car activates itself upon recognizing the driver’s breathing or heartbeat pattern. The AVTR interface adapts itself to the user. A menu selection is self-projected on to the driver’s palm when he/she lifts the hand. Passengers can select from various functionalities via the projection. The Vision AVTR uses real-time 3D graphics to explore the surroundings from various angles. 

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