Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing on sail!

Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing on sail!

The cars of Mercedes-AMG and the boats from Cigarette Racing, unveil the best of their joint efforts, every year at the Miami International Boat Show. For their 12th collaboration, Mercedes-AMG created a custom G63 Cigarette Edition, while Cigarette Racing crafted a uniquely designed 59' Tirranna AMG Edition.

Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing have a history of creating high-performance racing boats, but only a few are astonishing as this year’s creation: the 59’ Tirranna AMG Edition, and its one-off Mercedes-AMG G 63 Cigarette Edition SUV counterpart.

G63 Cigarette Edition

It is interesting to know that Mercedes-Benz's three-pointed star symbolizes the three elements of nature, Air, Land, and Sea. To gain victory over the last one, Mercedes-AMG teamed up with Cigarette Racing to create a special edition go-fast boat, the 59′ Tirranna AMG Edition.

Both the land and sea transports feature new interior and exterior color schemes. The Tirranna edition is a perfect blend of Luxury yacht and performance-oriented super console, doing complete justice to Mercedes-AMG “Luxury Performance” ideology.

59’ Tirranna AMG Edition

The 59’ Tirranna AMG Edition is more than just a thing that looks great on the water. It is a massive creature measuring 18 meters long and 4.3 meters wide. Despite this, the boat is agile and light-weighted, thanks to the carbon fiber used in making the hardtop roof, stringer caps and transom. Not only does that reduces the weight and vertical center of gravity, but also helps the boat sail smoothly over rough and uneven waters.

59’ Tirranna AMG Edition interior

Cigarette Racing boats are known for having race-style rigging and efficient hull designs, and the same holds true in the 59’ Tirranna AMG Edition. The boat’s hull and deck are using composite laminate scheduling with PVC coring. Even the controls are special, with a custom instrument panel with titanium fasteners. The entire console is a nano-coated solid surface that offers anti-reflective and heat-resistant properties.

Additional features that add to the impression of this boat is its seating capacity of more than 26 people plus a lower level with a large sofa, a fridge, a television, a California king-sized bed and a large enclosed bathroom with a separate shower. Other comforts include a summer kitchen at the back with a grill, sink and food prep station, a seven-foot electric awning, height-adjustable tables and forward- and aft-facing lounges, for a peaceful relax under the sun.

G63 Cigarette Edition interior

The G 63 Cigarette Edition is hard to overlook and features striking 22-inch cross-spoke AMG forged wheels with gold accents on the wheel center caps and rim flange join the AMG Night Package, which adds its dark chrome AMG-specific radiator grille and bull-bar. Matching gloss black logos, along with side entry boards in a matte dark finish, portray a nice look. G 63, is powered by a monstrous 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8, developing 585 hp and 850 Nm of torque.

Pricing for the land and sea transport is not announced, but we'd guess that one briefcase stuffed with currency bundles would get you the G63 which ordinarily starts at $156,450, while the Cigarette boat may be enjoyed by a lucky few at whopping $3 million.

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