Lego 60’s-era Ford Mustang Creator set

Lego 60’s-era Ford Mustang Creator set

ABU DHABI: All you Lego fans out there rejoice. The company has launched the Creator Ford Mustang from the 1960s with the iconic fastback body style.


Developed in collaboration with the Ford Motor Company, the kit is completely customisable and is made up of 1,471 bricks. It features working doors, removable roof panel, and a full interior. Considerable attention has been given to the engine, complete with hoses, air filter, and battery.

The exterior is painted in the legendary dark blue color with the ‘go faster’ racing stripes running down the middle. The ever-popular hood scoop of that era is also present, and you get 5-spoke wheels wrapped in real rubber tires. Circular headlights and the iconic tri-bar taillights with GT badging on the trunk is also present. Adding to this are various add-on customisation options. You get a rear ducktail spoiler, larger exhaust pipes, a supercharger kit which sits on top of the engine, and an adjustable lift for the rear axle which adds a mean look.


Lego has left no stone unturned on the inside; all the components from that period are present. This includes a big steering wheel, dual gauges, heavily-bolstered seats, mid console gear shifter, and an old-school radio. A cherry on the cake is the nitrous oxide tank placed on the trunk.


This unique set appeals to the young and old and will be a fun project to put together. It will be available in retail stores and Lego shop online starting March 1, 2019.

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