7 tips to get best fuel efficiency from your vehicle

7 tips to get best fuel efficiency from your vehicle

Petrol and diesel are two commodities whoso demand goes on increasing with time. During the last few years, the world has seen a drastic rise in the fuel prices. One of the efficient ways of coping with the rising fuel prices is by ensuring that your vehicle gives excellent mileage on every refill.

Now, we generally blame our vehicle for a poor mileage. However, it's not always the case. Sometimes the overall mileage is affected by our driving style and several other factors. There are certain vehicles that are more fuel efficient when compared with their weight and engine size. For instance, the lightweight hatchbacks are more fuel efficient when compared to the heavier SUVs.

Follow the steps given below for a better fuel economy -

Use minimum throttle 

Use minimum throttle 

While driving use the minimum amount of acceleration possible. Usually, a vehicle consumes more amount of fuel in accelerating from a stagnant position and overcoming the inertia. So in order to minimize the fuel consumption, you need to press the throttle smoothly to ensure that there is a constant rise in the acceleration. Look at it as a running race, where you need to maintain your speed without losing the entire energy. The sound of the screeching tires might sound great but it also increases the fuel consumption of your ride.

Plan your moves



We always have to stop and start again while driving on the road. But the hack here is to make your drive smoother. While driving you need to be aware of the road ahead and plan your moves accordingly. Avoid braking and accelerating unnecessarily. Spot the red light early and get your foot off the throttle for your car to stop automatically at the signal.

By cruising at a constant speed you can save a lot of fuel and ensure a healthy life for your vehicle.

Switch off

start-stop button

Modern day vehicles are equipped with a decent amount of technology and don't argue if you start and stop the engine back to back. Idling of the engine wastes a lot of fuel and also pollutes the environment. Almost all the modern day traffic light displays the actual time remaining for the signal to turn green. You can turn off your vehicle if the wait is long.

Shed off the extra weight 

shed offe xtra weight

Most of the automobile manufacturers are constantly trying to minimize the weight of their vehicles without harming the safety and performance. Lesser the weight more is the fuel economy. We use the car’s boot to store a lot of unwanted things and it results in an extra drag on the vehicle. Heavier weight effects the aerodynamics of a car and results in more drag.

Maintain your car 

car maintenance

One common mistake that almost every car owner makes is skipping servicing dates thinking it will help him to save some extra bucks. We often realize our mistakes only when something serious comes into the picture. However, it is very important to service your vehicle at regular intervals to maintain its efficiency. A poorly serviced car might save your money at the moment but it will eventually get you into a bigger trouble. Certain parts like the air filter, oil filter, and engine oil should be changed regularly to maintain a good average of your vehicle.

Higher tire pressure

tier pressure

Tires are the most ignored part of any vehicle by most of the owners. But we hardly realize that it is the only part that comes in direct contact with the road. Hence, they need to be well maintained and pumped up. Most of the car’s energy is wasted in getting the tires to roll after overcoming the inertia. A less inflated tire covers more surface area and hence more stress. Therefore it is important to keep your tire fully inflated.

Quality of the fuel

fuel station

Impure fuel not only lowers the overall efficiency of the vehicle but also damages the vital parts of your car engine. Before injecting the fuel always ensure its quality. If money is not the use, you can go for premium fuel as well.

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