7 Hacks to get rid of car odours

7 Hacks to get rid of car odours

Get rid of that pungent smell from your car using the following tips:
After few years of usage, bad odours will make their way inside the interior of your ride. It is some very unpleasant for car owners and quite embarrassing in front of your fellow passengers. If you are someone who spends most of his/her time inside your car, a foul smell can be a stressful experience throughout your journey.

car odours

Don’t worry! You can always use some clever hacks to get rid of that pungent smell from your car. Well, a good air freshener is the first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about removing bad smell from a car. But they work only for a limited time and once it stops working, the smell always comes back. If you are looking for a permanent solution to the problem, it involves a lot more effort.
Here are a bunch of secrets that will help you to get rid of pungent smells from your car. The whole process may consume few hours from your busy schedule but it is totally worth it.

Get a car wash

car wash

Most of the time, a good car wash is all it takes to remove the foul smell from your car. Your car runs over various bad smelling objects across the road like animal dung, garbage or decaying substances. Sometimes these foul-smelling objects make their way to the fender line and other vital parts of the interior. Hence, go for a thorough car wash and wash the under-chassis if needed.

Clear out the trash

clean car trash

The most basic step of removing the bad smell from your car is by throwing out unwanted trash from your car. Unknowingly we throw a lot of stuff inside our car like candy wraps, empty bottles, beer cans, leftover food and much more. Some of them slip inside the gaps of your seat covers and underneath the seats. Make sure to check all the small gaps and cubby holes. If your car has a lot of hidden pockets, check them as well. You might find out the source of that pungent smell.

Use a vacuum cleaner

vaccum car

We all go out with our friends on the weekends and maybe eat food in the car. The chunks and bits from our food often remain in our car seats. Hand-picking each and every one of them becomes a hideous task. This is when a vacuum cleaner comes to your rescue. It can easily pick up those crumbs as well as slide inside those pockets where bare hands fail to reach. If you often travel with your pet, the vacuum cleaner will also clear out the fur left behind by them.

Give it some air flow

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Once the cleaning is done, air out the interior of your car overnight. Simply keep your windows open so that there is a continuous air flow. The pungent smell will move out with the air. Try this method only if you have a secure parking area.

Use Coffee, Charcoal, and baking soda

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In case, the smell is still persistent, go for ground up coffee or charcoal. Coffee grounds have a strong smell that overpowers the pungent smell and neutralizes it. On the other hand, charcoal does not have an odour of its own but it does have good odour-absorbing properties. Note that both of these items need to be activated before using.

If you see spillage on your seat covers, foot mats or dashboard, just sprinkle some baking soda over it. Rub the area with baking soda and keep it untouched for some hours. After that vacuum, the areas rubbed with baking soda. Just like charcoal and coffee grounds, baking soda also absorbs the bad smell.

Check your car’s AC

car AC

It is not always the litter that produces bad smell. Due to improper cleaning, your car’s air-conditioner traps a lot of dirt and other unwanted matter that leads to the foul smell. Hence, always take some time out to get your AC serviced and keep it well maintained. It is always advisable to replace your car's air filter every 6 months.
Go for a professional service
Even after following the above procedures, your car still smells bad, then it is recommended to go for a professional cleaner. There may be some area that you are missing out. A professional detailer may remove seat covers and other removable parts to detect the source of that foul smell.If you try to do this on your own, you might end up damaging any vital part.

Once the bad smell is gone, keep your car clean to prevent further accumulation of unwanted stuff. A regular cleaning of your car is recommended, once every week. Avoid eating inside your car and use napkins even if you do so.

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