5 Car AC mistakes to avoid

5 Car AC mistakes to avoid

Who doesn't like cold air, but at what cost? After heavy rains and high humidity, we all expect winters to come in as we head forward.
It is not necessary that every car has an air conditioner, but if there is one, it is essential to use and maintain it properly. When we leave our cars at the parking, the cabin is cold and refreshing, but when we enter a while back, the same cabin feels extremely hot and uncomfortable. Well, what to do in such situations? Turn on the air-con hogging the vents right on the face. The answer would be a definite, NO. 

Here are five air conditioning mistakes we are doing on a daily basis-

Open windows in the morning

open car window

Morning air is the best. The cold and fresh morning air is enough to keep your entire day active. So, the best option while driving in the morning is to keep the windows down and enjoy the fresh air passing by your face, and entire cabin instead of driving with closed windows and A/C turned on. Morning air will also positively affect your mood but don’t forget to keep the auto climate control on to prevent fogging and visibility issues.

Don't turn on the AC immediately after entering the car

don't turn on the ac

Almost half of the population on earth has a wrong habit of turning on the AC as soon as they get into a car. By doing so, you are not getting fresh and cool air instead you're recirculating the hot air already in the cabin which is quite irritating. The trick here is to open the windows or doors for a while, let the hot and annoying air move out and then gear up your ride.

Proper maintenance

car ac maintenance

Keeping the vehicle at improper and low maintenance will get you nothing. Instead, a regular and properly maintained car will never disappoint. To keep the AC running without any problem, routine maintenance is the most crucial factor. Obstructed cabin air filters and constant neglect to revive the framework with required liquids will adversely affect the cooling capacity of the air-con system.

Keep auto climate control on

auto climate control

Almost every car now has an auto climate control system. Auto air recirculation button is best to prevent the buildup of fog and condensation in the windows. It gives you good visibility while driving. The auto climate control not only prevents the accumulation of fog and condensation but even keeps the car cool according to the outside environment.

Hogging the vents

car ac vents

Hogging the A/C vents right onto a particular region will make you feel comfortable. However, it might be annoying for other occupants present inside the car. As you keep the vents right onto your face, the cooling system of the car takes time to spread the cold air inside the entire cabin. So, the best option is to keep the AC vents upwards to satisfy everyone in the car.

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