Peugeot unveils plug-in hybrid versions of three existing models

Peugeot unveils plug-in hybrid versions of three existing models

KUALA LUMPUR: Peugeot has revealed the plug-in hybrids of its 508, 508 SW and 3008 GT Hybrid4 models. This comes soon after the French manufacturer announced the plan to replace its existing models with hybrid or electric versions. While 508 and 508 SW will be available in four trims- Allure, Allure Business, GT Line, and GT, the 3008GT will appear only in GT trim.

Peugeot plug-in hybrid versions

Let us have a brief discussion on what to expect in these hybrid models.

To start with 508, it will mainly derive its power from the four-cylindered, 1.6-litre PureTech engine. The engine, along with the mated electrical motor, will be capable of making a maximum power of 228 PS. The multi-disc clutch that is expected to replace the torque converter unit will offer a maximum value (torque) of 60 Nm.

Peugeot plug-in hybrid versions

The 300-Volt lithium-ion battery of 11.8 kWh capacity is presumed to cover as much as 50 km. The targeted fuel consumption is 2 litres for every 100 km. As a result, the CO2 emission is believed to be reduced to 49 g/Km which is almost half of the amount emitted by the present model!

The 508SW will have almost same features but 3008 GT Hybrid4, though same in terms of electrical infrastructure, will have a few major differences in specification. It will have a 13.2 kWh battery with an all-electric range of 60 km. The number of electric motors will be two for this model, one at the front and the other at the rear axle. Together with the engine, they will be capable of producing 304 PS of maximum power.

3008 hybride

All these models will have a number of driving modes including the all-electric mode where the e-SAVE feature (a battery-saving function) will prove to be helpful.
The battery will take seven hours to be fully charged using a Type 2 connector. The time can be reduced with the help of a dedicated charger or a three-phase AC wall box charger.

Inside, the tachometer will be replaced by a power meter. Moreover, functionalities like remote charging, pre-thermal conditioning, display of charging status and fuel consumption assessment will also be possible to implement through the MyPeugeot mobile app.

Equipped with all these features, the plug-in hybrid trio will surely play a major role in the electrification drive of Peugeot. Though unveiled now, these hybrid models cannot be expected to launch in selective markets before the second or third quarter of next year!

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