Jaguar Land Rover gets rebranded to JLR, reveals new logo

Jaguar Land Rover gets rebranded to JLR, reveals new logo

ABU DHABI: As of June 1, Jaguar Land Rover will be officially known as JLR. The switch to the automaker's JLR identity embodies modernity, elegance, and its forward-thinking essence.


  • What new name has been given to Jaguar Land Rover?

    Jaguar Land Rover will now be called JLR.
  • Which new brands will come under the JLR brand?

    JLR is now a House of Brands with Defender, Jaguar, Range Rover, and Discovery falling under it.
  • The move will also see Jaguar Land Rover act as a "House of Brands" that will position the Discovery, Defender, and Range Rover nameplates as individual brands alongside Jaguar. Under its reimagine strategy, JLR is spending around $18.6. This amount will be used towards overhauling and upgrading facilities to meet the needs of electric mobility. 

    Jaguar Land Rover gets rebranded to JLR, reveals new logo

    JLR CEO Adrian Mardell said, "Today is an exciting day as we unveil a new identity for our company as part of our House of Brands approach. I'm confident this perfectly illustrates JLR's ambition in the modern luxury space."

    JLR revealed a new corporate logo along with the new name. The logo features a 'descending J.' It has been designed with a lighter weight to signify modernity and refinement. 

    Jaguar Land Rover gets rebranded to JLR, reveals new logo

    JLR confirmed that the Land Rover name won't disappear completely. It will remain an important part of the company's DNA. A press statement by JLR reads, "Land Rover continues as a world-renowned and important heritage mark, remaining on vehicles, websites, social media, and retail sites, underpinning the world-class Range Rover, Defender, and Discovery brands."

    The changes to the corporate identity are being considered to be JLR's moves to sell only electrified vehicles by 2025 and overhaul its lineup with new models, like the current Range Rover's electric version due in 2024 and an electric Jaguar four-door GT, likely in 2025.

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