GWM Tank 300: Variants explained

GWM Tank 300: Variants explained

In response to the surging demand for SUVs, particularly from those seeking secure off-road driving experiences, the automotive landscape has witnessed a notable shift. SUVs have transcended from being alternatives to sedans to becoming safer, larger, and more capable vehicles in their own right. 


  • How many variants of the TANK 300 are available?

    The TANK 300 is offered in two variants: CHALLENGER, priced at AED 125,000, and CONQUEROR, starting at AED 140,000.
  • Which TANK 300 variant suits your needs?

    If you're looking for a budget-friendly entry into the world of off-road SUVs, the CHALLENGER variant, starting at AED 125,000, offers a rugged and versatile driving experience. However, for those willing to invest a bit more for a premium off-road adventure with added comforts and capabilities, the CONQUEROR variant, priced at AED 140,000, is the way to go.
  • Tank occupies a pivotal role in Great Wall Motors' (GWM) innovative strategy that seeks to expedite digitization and revolutionize driving experiences. GWM's TANK is a worldwide luxury SUV brand born out of the escalating global SUV demand. It embodies GWM's dedication to innovation, high performance, and pioneering international products. This commanding all-terrain vehicle has redefined safety, smoothness, and excitement in driving, amassing over six million sales across 60 countries, and solidifying its position as the leading SUV brand for 15 years.

    Tank 300

    Swaidan Trading, the authorized dealer of Great Wall Motors in the UAE, introduced the premium off-road SUV brand TANK in a captivating event held in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. This is a significant addition to Swaidan Trading's expanding portfolio under the Al Naboodah Group. The TANK 300 offers an unparalleled off-road experience. With its robust frame, elevated ground clearance, and cutting-edge suspension system, the TANK 300 confidently conquers challenging terrains, including sandy deserts. 


    The inaugural TANK 300 SUV is positioned as the brand's entry-level offering, with an enticing price point commencing from AED 125,000. Embodying a fusion of contemporary SUV elements and a vintage rugged aesthetic, the TANK 300 exudes charm with its boxy silhouette, elevated stance, and iconic circular headlamps. The 2024 TANK 300 arrives in the UAE market in two variants:

    1. CHALLENGER: Priced at AED 125,000
    2. CONQUEROR: Priced at AED 140,000

    Both variants come with TANK’s standard 6-year/200,000kms new car warranty, ensuring your ownership experience is worry-free. 

    Tank 300


    Let us now take a look at how the two variants stand against each other in terms of their size. 




    Length (mm) (L)



    Width (mm) (W)



    Height (mm) (H)



    Seating Capacity (per row)



    Wheelbase (mm)




    265/65 R17

    265/65 R17

    Ground Clearance (mm)



    As it is evident, both variants measure exactly the same, along with the same tyres, wheelbase, and ground clearance. Both variants also offer seating for a total of 5 people inside the car. 

    Tank 300


    The heart of both variants is a 2.0L Turbo engine delivering an exhilarating 224 HP and an impressive 387 Nm torque. Paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission, this powertrain ensures seamless acceleration and efficient gear shifts. The TANK 300 excels not only on the road but also off it, thanks to its Electric 4WD configuration and an advanced all-terrain progress control (ATPC) system with nine driving modes. From the versatile Standard (2H) to the rugged 4L Mode (Normal, Mud, Sand, Pothole, Mountain, Rock), it adapts to various terrains effortlessly. This, combined with the Level 2 driver assistance systems, ensures both variants provide not only power but also safety, comfort, and a memorable driving experience.


    Let us now compare the two trim options of the TANK 300 based on the features available for each car. 

    Tank 300





    Front Auto-headlamps + High Beam Assist + LED DRL 

    Steering Responsive Front Fog Lamps 

    Follow-me-home Function 


    Differential Locks (Rear Only)

    Electric Side Mirrors

    Keyless Entry System

    Front and Rear Differential Locks

    Smart Keyless Entry System


    Leather Steering Wheel + Multi-mode Steering Assist 

    12.3-inch LCD Coloured Combination Instrument 

    Multicolour Ambient Lighting (7 colours)

    Leather Seats

    Paddle Shifters

    Driving modes + Intelligent all-terrain mode + Expert mode + Creep Mode (CCO)

    6-way Electrically Adjustable Driver Seat

    4-way Lumbar Support (Driver Seat)

    4-way Electrically Adjustable Front Passenger Seat

    Button Start System 

    Dual-zone Automatic Air Conditioning + Rear A/C Vents

    Radio FM/AM, MP5, USB, AUX & Bluetooth Hands Free Link

    8-speaker audio system 

    Multicolour Ambient Lighting (64 colours)

    Nappa Leather Seats

    8-way Electrically Adjustable Driver Seat

    Front Ventilated Seats

    10-speaker audio system 



    Adaptive Cruise Control  

    Lane Departure Warning + Lane Keeping + Lane Centre Keeping 

    Driver Fatigue Detection

    360° View + Front & Reversing radar

    Children Safety Lock + ISO FIX 

    6 Airbags 

    Adaptive Cruise Control with Intelligent Cruise

    Lane Departure Warning + Lane Keeping + Lane Centre Keeping 

    Intelligent Dodge

    The features table clearly highlights why the top-spec Conqueror variant is priced at AED 15,000 more than the base variant. There are a number of exclusive features that makes it a perfect choice for customers who need a more comprehensive package of comfort, safety and convenience. 

    Tank 300


    In the realm of the TANK 300, both the CHALLENGER and CONQUEROR variants present distinct offerings tailored to different preferences. If you're seeking an economical entry with a focus on ruggedness, the CHALLENGER, starting at AED 125,000, is your go-to choice. On the other hand, for those who yearn for a more comprehensive off-road experience coupled with enhanced comforts, the CONQUEROR, priced at AED 140,000, is the perfect fit. It all boils down to your priorities, whether it's affordability or a luxurious off-road journey. The TANK 300 ensures you have a model that aligns with your specific needs.

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