Weird things that only a true car lover will do

Weird things that only a true car lover will do

Buying the first new car is always like an achievement for everyone, especially the people who are die-hard fans of four-wheelers. Ask an owner how he feels after buying a new Honda Civic and he will just run out of words but still not be able to explain how much he loves it.

car lovers

You will notice many people around who do little things that may seem very useless, and absurd at times, but for that very owner or driver, it means a lot. Starting from caring an extra bit to not allowing a single food item inside the car, a new car guy will do everything that may sound crazy to other.

So we have put together a list of crazy things that only a true car lover will do. Spoiler alert - there are some insane things too.

The scent of a new car

new car

I know this may sound crazy but for some die-hard, smelling the scent of the plastics and the upholstery of a new car is an amazing thing to do. However, for any normal person, who is not an enthusiast, the smell may be toxic because of the fresh paint and plastic quality.

Keeping a track of the odometer

Once a car gets old, most of the people don’t even take a look at many things that the meter dials show, apart from just the fuel gauge. However, any crazy car guy would keep a track of most things on the meters.

As for an example, even a major number on the odometer becomes a milestone for them. They have a silent excitement when the car reaches the first 1,000 or 10,000 kilometres.

Smelling the fuel as your car gets filled

car fuellimg

You will notice that there are many people who love the scent of petrol and a majority of them are automobile enthusiasts, for sure. However, for any auto guy, there can be no better joy than getting to a fuel station and smelling the scent as the baby car gets its stomach filled.

Obsession with cleanliness

Be it a new car or a couple of years old, a car enthusiast will always try to keep the car in the shiniest condition, with regular washing and polishing, even if there isn’t a lot to clean. Exactly that, weekly washing of the car becomes a norm for any true car guy.

Blasting the speaker with the favourite music track

Not everyone likes playing music on full volume while driving. However, there are many people out there who fantasize about playing their favourite songs on full volume while pulling through the highways.

Seeing the reflection on others’ window glass

car mirrior reflection

Being caught at a heavy traffic is not a boring thing always. In fact, many people love the halt as it gives them a chance catch a glimpse of themselves holding the steering, all of this at the window glass of the car standing beside. And yes, tinted glass offers a better reflection, always.

Watching the fuel gauge fill up at the station

Driving your own car is pretty for any car enthusiast. However, there is one more thing that they absolutely love. Reaching the fuel station and asking for a “full tank” has its own joy. Sitting back and watching the needle progress towards the “F” is what could drive any car guy crazy.

Keeping the documents and car papers in place

car documents

Some people struggle to find where they had kept the papers of the car, but not a true car guy. For him, the documents are always inside the glovebox or in the chamber provided just under the dashboard. Cometh any situations, the papers are up-to-date and right at a hand’s reach.

Getting the AC to the max

car ac

On a hot summer day, the AC never gets below the maximum line. This is something that a true automobile enthusiast would do even if the car is stationed inside a parking lot.

Getting the loans paid

Getting the entire loan repaid is one of the last things that a car guy may experience but truly gives more happiness than anything else. The hard sleepless nights and the overtimes at work shouldn’t stay forever, and so won't the loan.

A person buying a car just for the sake of commuting from point A to point B won’t feel much about the vehicle itself. However, for a person who has a dedicated interest towards cars, every step from buying to the ownership has a different and exciting experience, something that is worth living for.

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