Get to know the right fuel for your vehicle

Get to know the right fuel for your vehicle

 Most of the people don’t know what kind of fuel is their car consuming. In fact, some of the fuel companies have their own series of fuels and terminologies which are very difficult for an average consumer to understand. The markets across are flooded with terms such as RON, Octane Rating, Euro4, and Euro5 in the petroleum industry.

A Fuel Station In UAE

Well, take a sigh of relief, because we are here to answer all the questions and make you understand the true definition of the fuel that you’re feeding your car.

Let’s find out what these terms actually mean

You all must have noticed a RON (Research Octane Number) right next to the fuel you choose to fill in at the fuel stations. Now, you all might be wondering the what does this RON mean? Well, RON is nothing but a simple way to measure the performance of the gasoline fuel, which is measured by how much pressure a fuel can withstand before detonating. High-End vehicles with higher gasoline compression ratios require fuel with greater RON numbers.

Different Kinds Of Automotive Fuel

Regular (91 RON), Premium (95 RON), and Premium Plus (97 RON) are the labels which are being provided by the Ministry of Energy (MOE) to all the fuel companies. MOE has also made it mandatory to put these labels on their fuel stations. These are the minimum requirements for the fuel which each company has to comply with.

Difference between Octane and Cetane

As per the ratings, Octane is for gasoline and Cetane is for diesel. These terms are used to measure the fuel properties of both gasoline and diesel. The higher the numbers on the rating, the better is the performance they offer. But fuel rating numbers are not compulsory to be displayed for diesel.

Different Kinds Of Automotive Fuel

Fuels available in the UAE

  • Super 98 - for high compression engines
  • Special 95 - for medium compression engines
  • E-Plus 91 - for low compression engines

What to feed your vehicle?

Drivers should return to the owners manual for their vehicles to pick the correct fuel for their on-road companion. For the most part, a larger number of automakers prescribes utilizing 91 Octane. While sports and extravagance vehicles require high octane fuel all through their life, several companies have brought down octane fuel necessities.

Utilizing higher octane level fuel than required does not help in improving the engine efficiency or cleanliness. Neither does it empower more km per litre. It only contributes to pointless higher ozone-harming substance discharging.

We hope you’re now pretty clear about what to feed your car with. Also, while buying a car, keep in mind that European build cars in UAE have the most efficient engines, followed by Asian, and then American build when compared one on one.

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