UAE authorities issues warning for rubberneckers

  • Jul 11, 2019

ABU DHABI: Nothing can be more dreadful than a road accident. The situation becomes worse when an immediate help fails to reach the injured person owing to the crowd gathered around the spot of the accident. Keeping this in mind, UAE authorities have issued a strict warning to the people buzzing around the accident’s site. 

Car Accident

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has requested the citizens to be cautious, responsible and avoid gathering at accident sites. The caution notice contains a total of four points advising people and making them aware of the ills of creating ruckus around the accident spot. 

UAE Traffic

It states that gathering worsens the consequences of accidents as it blocks the path of Ambulance and rescue teams. This hampers those vital first hours, which are usually life-saving for a victim. Thereafter, the notice appeals to the people’s emotion and explain to them that taking photographs of victims and the wrecked vehicles impinges emotional harm to them and their families. At last, it asks cooperation with Civil Defense by keeping the accident site free from any gatherings.

UAE Authority Message

A few weeks ago, the UAE authorities also increased fines for motorists who block the way of Ambulance. The drivers will have to pay AED 3,000, get 6 black points and their vehicle will be impounded for 30 days. The one who follows Ambulance from to filter the traffic will also have to pay a hefty fine. Also, as per the UAE’s CyberCrime Law, it is illegal to do anything breaching an individual’s privacy. Use of cameras and mobile phones to record videos in such cases will make you pay a fine of AED 150,000 to AED 500,000 along with six months of imprisonment.

Moreover, the Abu Dhabi Police is also looking out for the residents who snapped a dreadful accident last year and uploaded in on social media. The MOI has pressed the importance of being attentive while being in traffic and make yourself aware of traffic signals and sirens. 


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