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Nissan reveals Leaf NISMO RC for the first time in Europe

Nissan reveals Leaf NISMO RC for the first time in Europe

Leading Japanese automobile manufacturer Nissan has launched the all-electric Leaf NISMO RC for the European racing circuit. The company has already enjoyed considerable success with the Leaf standard and the Leaf+ cars. It now wants to extend battery-powered automotive technology to race cars as well.

NIssan Leaf NISMO RC

The NISMO RC in the Leaf stands for Nissan Motor Sports Racing Circuit. The all-wheel-drive car produces 322 bhp and 640 Nm peak torque, which more than doubles on its earlier version. Nissan claims that the car takes 3.4 seconds to attain 0-100 kmph. It has a gross weight of 1,220 kg which helps the Leaf NISMO RC to compete with the best cars in the European circuit. 

NIssan Leaf NISMO RC rear

The all-wheel-drive system in the Leaf NISMO RC, Nissan says, is actually a testing ground for the company to further its technologies and push boundaries regarding cars with an all-electric powertrain. The all-wheel-drive channels the torque to each wheel using the maximum grip for improved cornering performance. The electric converters and motors mounted on the tires ensure an improved overall balance.

NIssan Leaf NISMO RC cabin

It may be recalled that the Yokohama-headquartered company had showcased the Leaf e+ at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Nissan had claimed that its flagship electric vehicle (EV) returned over 400 km in mileage on a single recharge. Leaf e+ is equipped with Nissan’s ProPilot Assist which uses a ‘smart’ combination of fully automatic acceleration, braking, and steering systems that helps drivers ease their workload during a long commute or in congested city traffic.

NIssan Leaf NISMO RC front

Nissan Global motorsport director Michael Carcamo said that the company’s experience as an electric vehicle (EV) pioneer, combined with NISMO’s 60-years of motorsport innovation has led to the unique new car. The ‘E’ in EV, for Nissan, not only stands for electric but also for ‘exciting’. That’s the philosophy that is at the center of the Leaf NISMO RC. 

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