It’s a sneak-peek for the luxurious Bentley Mulliner Bacalar

It’s a sneak-peek for the luxurious Bentley Mulliner Bacalar

British manufacturer Bentley is acclaimed for its luxury clan of vehicles and it did amaze the auto industry with its newest offering- a luxurious coach-built car. The limited-edition model is named as Bentley Mulliner Bacalar and soon after the wheel design photos were made viral, now another teaser for the car reveals its breathtaking ultra-luxurious cabin. Scheduled to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, which now stands cancelled, Mulliner Bacalar, nonetheless, will still make its debut to the world today, in an online press conference.

Mulliner Bacalar cabin

A bespoke grand tourer, Bentley's Mulliner Bacalar will be exquisitely hand-built and it’s meant to showcase the future of coachbuilding. As indicated in the photo, the Bacalar will be a two-seater car, which is the brand’s second two-seater model since 1930.

Bentley knew that Mulliner Bacalar was one of the most anticipated newest models and to counter the excitement, the automaker has released the third and final teaser image, giving us an overhead view of the luxury grand-tourer. As evident from the teaser, the Bacalar doesn't appear to have a roof, much like the McLaren Elva, Ferrari Monza, and the upcoming Aston Martin V12 Speedster.

From quite some time, rumors were already doing rounds that Bentley's Mulliner division has been crafting an exclusive open-top sports grand-tourer, and now we assume that it is none other than- Mulliner Bacalar.

Mulliner Bacalar wheel

The car features a wraparound cockpit and very intricately stitched front seats. Accessorizing the front seats is a very classy pair of travel cases trimmed to match the interior materials. Bentley claims that all the materials used are sustainably and ethically sourced and comprehensively hand-built by the Mulliner division.

It is still a mystery regarding what lies at the heart of this luxurious machine however, it is safe to assume that Bentley is taking inspiration from the EXP 100 GT concept. Having said this, while the EXP 100 GT uses an electric powertrain with four electric motors, the Mulliner Bacalar is likely to adopt its 6.0-liter, twin-turbo W12 engine. 

In the Bentley Continental GT, this unit produces 626 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque. We expect Mulliner Bacalar to be quite as accelerative as the EXP 100 GT concept and it’s even fair to say that it will have an upright performance.

Bacalar is expected to be priced at around $2 million so no matter how exciting does it get to read about this luxury car, it will only be enjoyed by a lucky few. Only 12 units of the Mulliner Bacalar will be built, but expect all of them to be snapped up.

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